In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, Criminals Open Fire on a Restaurant!!!

As footage of shootings and firings related to crime situations emerge from the state at an alarming rate, the citizens of Bihar have legitimate security concerns about the state’s deteriorating law and order situation.

Some individuals in the Bhagwan neighborhood of Muzaffarpur opened fire on a restaurant, demonstrating once again the arrogance of Bihar’s criminal element.

The scenes inside the hotel at the moment of the shooting were captured on surveillance cameras. News accounts indicate that 15-20 rounds were fired inside the eatery.

People inside the restaurant dove for shelter as soon as they heard gunshots. People inside the restaurant were running amok as they served and were served food. The 30-second footage depicted the panic experienced by those who had gone out to enjoy eating in the fresh air.

Another video around X (formerly Twitter) allegedly shows the restaurant outside. Several men can be seen in the footage shooting erratically at the eatery. The criminals in Bihar are demonstrated in this disturbing video to have no shame in their crimes.

This is at least the seventh documented instance of lawlessness in Bihar in the last three days. Vimal Kumar Yadav, a journalist, was murdered in the Araria area of Bihar on Friday (August 18).

On Saturday morning (August 19) in Begusarai, Bihar, an unidentified gunman shot and killed a retired school teacher.

Another instance occurred in Jehanabad, with a thug brandishing a pistol and threatening a government worker. There is video evidence of the incident.

The Bihar crime rate

The latest wave of murders in Bihar’s several districts has revived painful memories of the state’s history of lawlessness. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bihar faced a severe law and order crisis due to the proliferation of murder, extortion, and shooting occurrences throughout the state.

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