Empowering Girls: Himachal Pradesh Increases Incentives for Indira Gandhi Balika Suraksha Yojna

In a significant move towards empowering girls and promoting gender equality, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu of Himachal Pradesh has announced a substantial enhancement in the incentives provided under the Indira Gandhi Balika Suraksha Yojna. This move aims to encourage families with single girl children and those opting for family planning after having two daughters. Let’s delve into the details of this promising development.

Boosting Support for Single Girl Children

Under the revised scheme, families with a single girl child will now receive a substantial incentive of Rs 2 lakh, a substantial increase from the previous amount of Rs 35,000. This initiative is a clear reflection of the government’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and future of the girl child.

Promoting Family Planning

In another positive step, families opting for family planning after having two daughters will now be entitled to receive an enhanced incentive of Rs 1 lakh, up from the existing Rs 25,000. This not only encourages responsible family planning but also contributes to maintaining a healthier gender balance in the state.

The Announcement Venue

The Chief Minister made this landmark announcement during the inaugural ceremony of a two-day capacity-building workshop on the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC & PNDT) Act 1994. This important event took place in Himachal Pradesh and showcased the government’s unwavering dedication to addressing crucial gender-related issues.

A Positive Shift in Gender Ratios

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu highlighted that as per the Sample Registration System (SRS) data for the years 2018-20, Himachal Pradesh boasts a commendable sex ratio of 950 females per thousand males. This remarkable ratio ranks Himachal Pradesh as the third-best state in terms of gender balance, showcasing the effectiveness of the state’s initiatives.

Acknowledging District Achievements

The Chief Minister also took this opportunity to recognize the commendable efforts of Bharmour block in Chamba district, Nankhadi block in Shimla district, and Janjheli block in Mandi district. These districts have successfully curbed instances of female feticide and have achieved superior sex ratios. Bharmour block leads the way with a sex ratio of 1015, followed by 1087 in Nankhadi block and 996 in Janjheli block.

Embracing Technology

To further streamline the process of implementing the PC & PNDT Act, the Chief Minister launched an ‘online registration system’ for sonography machines. This system allows applicants to register from any location, ensuring real-time application tracking and the maintenance of a secure and effective database.

A Glimpse into the Future

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu emphasized that the state government is committed to undertaking substantial reforms in the healthcare sector. The integration of modern technologies aims to provide quality healthcare and services to the people of Himachal Pradesh. One notable initiative is linking health cards with Aadhaar cards to enable easy access to an individual’s medical history with a single click.

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Changing Mindsets

Health Minister Dhani Ram Shandil underscored the rapid change in society’s attitude towards protecting the girl child. He stated that the state government is actively running continuous awareness campaigns to foster a better sex ratio in the state.

In conclusion, Himachal Pradesh’s commitment to empowering girls and promoting gender equality is evident through these enhanced incentives and initiatives. The state government’s proactive approach and the enthusiastic response of its citizens serve as a beacon of hope for a brighter, more balanced future.

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