ZA Islamia College Decree: Controversy Surrounding New Campus Rules

In a recent turn of events, ZA Islamia College has made headlines with a controversial decree aimed at regulating student behavior on campus. This move comes on the heels of a viral video depicting a physical altercation between two female students, believed to be over a romantic relationship. The college’s attempt to restore order and discipline has sparked intense debate and opposition within its student body.

The Decree Details

According to the issued directive, male and female students are prohibited from sitting together or engaging in any form of social interaction on the college campus. The decree states that if such interactions are observed, the students involved risk having their enrollments canceled. The letter outlining these rules was officially issued by the college principal, Idris Alam.

Understanding ZA Islamia College

ZA Islamia College holds the status of a minority institution, operating under Sections 29 and 30, with governing authority vested in the Governing Body. This vital detail was also emphasized in the decree itself, underlining the college’s autonomy in setting its rules and regulations.


Student Reaction and Concerns

The release of this decree has sent shockwaves through the college’s student community, igniting heated discussions and protests. Many students view these stringent regulations as an infringement on their personal freedom and an excessive response to the recent altercation.

Principal Idris Alam’s Perspective

In response to the uproar, Principal Idris Alam defended the college’s decision, citing concerns about students spending more time socializing than attending classes. The intention, according to Alam, is to maintain a disciplined and focused academic environment within the institution.

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A Triggering Incident

The genesis of this decree can be traced back to a viral video that emerged recently, depicting a physical fight between two female students. The dispute is rumored to have originated within the classroom, with both students allegedly vying for the affections of the same boyfriend. The confrontation eventually spilled onto the streets, where the two girls, concealed in burqas, resorted to physical violence.

It is widely believed that this disturbing incident served as the catalyst for the college’s decision to implement these strict regulations.

In conclusion, the ZA Islamia College Decree has created quite a stir within the college and the broader community. While the college administration argues that these measures are necessary to maintain discipline and academic integrity, many students see them as an unjust curtailment of their personal freedom. As discussions continue and emotions run high, the future of this decree remains uncertain, with both proponents and opponents passionately defending their positions.

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