iPhone 15 Series Launch Creates Chaos: Fight Erupts at Croma Store in Kamla Nagar!!

In a shocking turn of events, a video has surfaced on social media capturing a heated altercation between customers and employees at the Croma Store located in Kamla Nagar, Delhi. The incident, which has since gone viral, paints a chaotic picture of the iPhone 15 Series launch in India.

Apple’s Much-Awaited iPhone 15 Series Arrives

Apple enthusiasts in India eagerly anticipated the release of the iPhone 15 Series, and their excitement reached a fever pitch on Friday, September 22, when the phones officially hit the shelves across the country. Long queues formed outside stores as eager customers vied to get their hands on the latest iPhone 15 series. Social media was abuzz with videos showcasing the massive crowds gathered outside stores, reflecting the immense popularity of the new smartphones.

Refusal to Sell iPhone 15 Pro Sparks Altercation

The now-viral video reportedly originated from a Croma Store, one of the authorized sellers of iPhone 15 series mobile phones. The footage captures a tense confrontation between two customers and several store employees, marked by physical altercations and verbal abuse.

It is alleged that the altercation was ignited when the store employees refused to sell the iPhone 15 Pro to one of the customers. This refusal seemingly triggered the customer’s anger, leading to the ensuing brawl.

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Customers Turn Aggressive

In the video, the two irate customers can be seen resorting to violence, using their fists to attack the employees and even tearing one employee’s t-shirt. Notably, one of the customers, a Sikh gentleman, lost his turban during the fracas, adding to the chaos. While other employees attempted to intervene and separate the feuding parties, the exact cause of the altercation remains unconfirmed.

iPhone 15 Series
iPhone 15 Series

Absence of Police Complaints

As of now, there have been no reports of any police complaints filed in connection with this incident. Nevertheless, the video continues to circulate on social media, drawing reactions from netizens and sparking discussions, including jests aimed at iPhone users.

The iPhone 15 Series launch in India was marked by enthusiasm and chaos alike, as the video from the Croma Store in Kamla Nagar vividly illustrates. The refusal to sell an iPhone 15 Pro to a customer escalated into a physical confrontation, with no police involvement reported thus far. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the fervor surrounding new iPhone releases and the lengths to which some enthusiasts may go to secure their coveted devices

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