‘Is This Our Financial Capital?’: Netizens React To Viral Video Of Girl Hanging To Crowded Mumbai Local Door!!

Thousands of people take the Mumbai local train daily, sometimes filling the coaches. A teenager risked her life by clinging to a crowded train door in a video posted online from the city’s main form of travel. She couldn’t fit on the train’s coach or rest her feet on the footboard. Watch Video

Internet users react to viral videos

“Slowly shut down all non-AC local,” advised an X user, noting that later transport has closed doors, minimizing commuter risk on the train’s footboard. Several criticized the region’s infrastructure and the country’s financial capital. In response to the video, “I can’t believe Mumbai is the financial capital of our country,”

A Heartbreaking Hit-and-run Occurred Near Airport Road in Nagpur
A Heartbreaking Hit-and-run Occurred Near Airport Road in Nagpur

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People called the battle Mumbaikars face in crowded local trains a “Do or die situation.” No one mentions that people board buses despite the rush to work, school, etc. However, traveling on train footboards is risky and illegal under Section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

A glance back

A scary video of a guy struggling to grab and enter the general compartment of a Mumbai local train went popular on social media in June, warning against such unsafe travel.

Instagram posted the video with the caption, “Bhai next train pakad leta (Bro, you could have taken the next train).”


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