A Heartbreaking Hit-and-run Occurred Near Airport Road in Nagpur!!!

An alarming hit-and-run occurred on the Airport road in Nagpur, India. Images from the scene showed how Rakesh Gate and Akash Tekam, two motorcyclists, were flung off their bikes and carried dangerously for three kilometers after being hit by a car.

Instead of stopping to help the hurt bicyclists, the automobile driver kept on. The police in Nagpur are actively searching for the perpetrator.

Warning: Graphic Images


The police are not on their way to the scene

Passengers on the way caught the horrifying event on camera and posted it online. The video is currently trending online. It is reported that no police officers were in the area, even though the road is the primary access route to the airport. The bikers reportedly had life-threatening injuries and were sent to an area hospital.

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More information on the mishap

The car collided with the motorcycle its driver and passenger were riding on in Rajiv Nagar, close to the city’s Pride Hotel. Both cyclists had escaped death by a hair’s breadth despite suffering severe injuries.

According to eyewitnesses quoted by the media, the automobile traveled quickly, and the driver attempted to flee the scene rather than help the injured teenagers.

The bike appears lodged in the four-wheeler in the widely shared video. According to reports, the police in Sonegaon have filed a case against the mysterious driver and are actively searching for the man responsible for the crime.

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