James Buster Corley Cause Of Death? James ‘buster’ Corley Co-founder of Dave & Buster Dead at 72

James Buster Corley Cause Of Death? There are numerous rumors circulating that James “Buster” Corley has passed away.

James held a partnership position with the Dave and Busters restaurant chain.
According to a representative of D&B who spoke with TMZ and confirmed his passing, he will be remembered as an inventive and creative force with a pioneering spirit.

While he was still alive, Dave and Buster’s had expanded to more than one hundred and forty locations across the country.

Colleagues have said that he is a Team Player who places a great deal of confidence in the people he works with. He has a lot of faith in them.

Dave, his partner, passed away in 2015; he had been 63 years old. In the course of his presidency, they developed the concept of 75 separate units.

James ‘buster’ Corley Co-founder of Dave & Buster Dead at 72

On Monday, James “Buster” Corley passed away. He was a co-founder of Dave & Buster’s, a popular “eatertainment” chain. He was 72.

Corley’s daughter has confirmed her father’s passing, which took place on his 72nd birthday.

Kate Corley, Buster Corley’s daughter, provided the following statement to WFAA-TV in Dallas: “My father, Buster Corley, suffered a stroke about four months ago, which caused severe damage to the communication and personality part of his brain.” “The family asks that we be given privacy during this difficult time.”

In the beginning, Corley and his business partner David Corriveau ran their respective companies as separate entities. Corley owned a restaurant, and David Corriveau ran a company that catered to adults. According to the business, the two individuals joined forces a few years later, and in 1982 they opened their first restaurant/arcade in Dallas.

James Buster Corley Cause Of Death?
James Buster Corley Cause Of Death?

A coin flip was used to decide which of the two partners would have their names appear first in the company’s name. Dave ended up victorious, which led to the establishment of Dave and Buster. The corporation has expanded to include more than 140 locations across the United States.

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According to a representative who spoke to TMZ, Buster‘s “passion for hospitality, his demand for excellence, and the deep care he had for the members of his team were unmatched.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this trying time.”

According to the police report, the individual shot themselves in the head before committing suicide. According to The Dallas Morning News, his dead body was discovered in the vicinity of White Rock Lake in Dallas where he lived.

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