What Happened To Tyler in The Menu? The Explanation of How the Menu Closes

What Happened To Tyler in The Menu? In a world filled with remakes and reboots, the fact that The Menu is an original story makes us incredibly happy. The story of the film’s ensemble cast, which also features Anya-Taylor Joy and Ralph Fiennes, revolves around a group of restaurant patrons who discover that the renowned celebrity chef and owner of the establishment (Fiennes) intends to kill them all before the evening is over. Refer to the article that can be found below for further information regarding “The Menu Ending Explained.”

The Menu

In the year 2022, Seth Reiss and Will Tracy of the United States of America penned the screenplay for the dark comedy horror film The Menu, which was produced by Adam McKay, Betsy Koch, and Will Ferrell. Will Tracy plays the lead role of the titular character in this film, which was directed by Mark Mylod.

The movie’s main characters are a group of customers at an upscale restaurant who find out that the celebrity chef who also owns the establishment has plans to kill them before the night is over.

The highly acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival played host to the world premiere of The Menu on September 10, 2022, marking the film’s debut on the international stage. The Menu was first made available to consumers in the United States on November 18th, 2022 by Searchlight Pictures. The film was met with a generally positive reception from critics and grossed more than $71 million around the world.

The Explanation of How the Menu Closes

After making the pompous proclamation that everyone will die before the night is over, the egotistical chef Julian Slowik causes everything to fall apart. While he is torturing the snooty guests, he makes them watch and participate in a wide variety of horrible activities. Everyone who attended either contributed to him losing interest in his craft or currently makes a living by exploiting artisans like him.

Julian can’t help but develop feelings for Margot, who, unbeknownst to him, is actually an escort named Erin. She does not take advantage of the opportunity to consume his meal, and she does not fall for the marketing ploy.

What Happened To Tyler in The Menu?
What Happened To Tyler in The Menu?

Julian comes to the realization that she is neither wealthy nor pretentious after finding out that she works in the service industry. As a result, she has no business being at Hawthorne.

After allowing Margot to leave, Chef Julian announces to the patrons that the dessert will be an upgraded version of the classic s’mores dish. The kitchen staff works quickly to cover the floor with graham cracker crumbs and outfit the guests with confectionery headgear, such as miniature marshmallow capes and chocolate hats.

After that, Julian sets fire to the restaurant, transforming the patrons inside into human s’mores. In case you weren’t certain, everyone will die from this point on (except Margot, of course, who watches this go down from the Coast Guard boat).

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What Happened To Tyler In The Menu?

Then, to illustrate his point, Slowik uses Tyler, a self-proclaimed food expert who is unable to even cook. The dish that Tyler was forced to prepare under duress is criticized by the chef, who then whispers something in his ear, which ultimately leads to Tyler’s decision to end his own life by hanging himself.

Even though Margot wasn’t originally planned to be a part of this, Slowik makes it possible for her to contribute in a variety of different ways (though he tells her she will still die with everyone else).

About The Menu

Directed byMark Mylod
Written by
  • Seth Reiss
  • Will Tracy
Story byWill Tracy
Music byColin Stetson
Release dates
  • September 10, 2022 (TIFF)
  • November 18, 2022 (United States)
Running time106 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$30 million
Box office$73.5 million

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