Kanam Rajendran Cause Of Death: Pondering On The Demise Of CPI Kerala State Secy!!

Born on November 10, 1950, Kanam Rajendran is an Indian politician who represented the Vazhoor constituency in the Kerala Legislative Assembly from 1982 to 1991. He is a member of the Communist Party of India.

Rajendran was the Communist Party of India’s (CPI) state secretary and was a key figure in the Left Democratic Front (LDF) that CPIM headed in Kerala. His health concerns kept him out of politics for more than three months. We will cover all there is to know about Kanam Rajendran cause of death in this article.

Kanam Rajendran Cause Of Death

Kanam Rajendran, a veteran CPI politician and the party’s state secretary, passed away on Friday from heart arrest at a private hospital in this city, according to party sources. He was seventy-three. The top head of the Communist Party of India has been receiving medical care at the hospital for several conditions, including diabetes, heart, and kidney problems.

He just had his right foot amputated to stop the spread of an infection brought on by diabetes, and he requested a three-month leave of absence from party duties on the grounds of his health. Despite the leader’s assurances of a quick recovery, they indicated that this evening’s heart arrest caused his health to abruptly deteriorate.

Everyone in the state, regardless of political party, was shocked to learn of the experienced leader’s untimely death. His demise coincides with the district’s Nava Kerala outreach program, in which Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and other ministers are participating.

Once the scheduled programs were concluded, the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues paid their final respects at the hospital. Rajendran, who goes by Kanam in party and political circles, has been the CPI’s state secretary for three terms running since 2015.

Kanam Rajendran Cause Of Death
Kanam Rajendran Cause Of Death

Kanam Rajendran’s Ascent To Notoriety

Kanam Rajendran, a renowned trade unionist, two-time MLA, and skilled organiser, was regarded as one of the most potent figures in the ruling Left Democratic Front, next to Chief Minister Vijayan.
Politicians have referred to Rajendran, who is well-known for taking strong positions during the crises that rocked Vijayan’s first and second LDF governments, as a corrective force on the Left front.

Additionally, as the second-largest coalition partner in the LDF, he showed a strong desire to keep the group cohesive. He moved up the ranks fast, and by the age of 25, he was a member of the CPI state secretariat.

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After assuming the positions of national vice president of the trade union organization AITUC and state secretary of the Kerala State Trade Union Council, Rajendran made notable contributions to the trade union sector.

In the state assembly, he twice represented the Vazhoor constituency: in 1982 and 1987. Later, the leader ran unsuccessfully in three Assembly elections.

That is all the information that is currently known about Kanam Rajendran cause of death. If there are any updates regarding Kanam Rajendran cause of death, we will update this page. In the interim, keep reading Digi Hind News to learn about more recent instances of this kind.

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