In-laws Pull Hair, Kick Daughter-in-law on Floor Over Dowry Issue; Dramatic Fight Goes Viral!!!

A disturbing video depicting in-law abuse and violence against the victim’s family has gone viral online. The husband’s family in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, complained about the dowry their daughter-in-law received. Five people, including the mother and father-in-law, resorted to physical force and mercilessly tormented the woman because they felt it was insufficient. It’s gone viral because it was caught on camera.

Her cries of agony are captured on film

The video shows the daughter-in-law being dragged on the floor, beaten up, humiliated, and harassed while her screams fill the room.

Some women who claimed to be their husbands’ relatives were filmed severely beating their wives. They scream obscenities at her as they ruthlessly attack her with hair-pulling, slapping, and kicking. A man’s voice is also captured on camera, fueling the violence by shouting, “Maar Tu, Maar (You beat, beat).”

When the sister-in-law molests, the sister-in-law will beat him

The 32-year-old victim, a resident of Premnagar in Bareilly, went to the police for help after the tragedy. She claimed the family tortured her emotionally and physically, with her brother-in-law molesting her when she was alone.

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The daughter-in-law contacts the authorities

While explaining what had happened to the police, the daughter-in-law filed a report against five members of her husband’s family. The situation is being examined, and strict measures will be taken afterward.

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