Bengaluru: A Sikkimese man was brutally thrashed for being Chinese in a horrifying racist attack!!

A man from Sikkim was viciously attacked in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, where he was also harassed and labeled a Chinese.

The Sikkimese man was attacked when he tried to explain to his attackers that he was indeed an Indian from the Northeast and not a Chinese national.

Three men on bicycles reportedly attacked and severely beat a guy in Bengaluru, India, before riding off with his body. The incident occurred in Bangalore’s Electronic City.

The victim was attacked by a group of bike-riding thugs

Dinesh Subba, a native of Sikkim’s Rinchenpong town, has been named the victim. At around 3 in the morning, the victim was attacked by bike-riding criminals.

Around three attackers began taunting Dinesh Subba and calling him a Chinese as he and his pals were walking home from a party. And he smacked his head on his hand, too.

As reported by TOI, Subba yelled at the assailants, telling them to stop calling them Chinese and to leave.
stick and rod attacks

Bengaluru a Sikkimese Man Was Brutally Thrashed for Being Chinese in a Horrifying Racist Attack
Bengaluru, a Sikkimese Man Was Brutally Thrashed for Being Chinese in a Horrifying Racist Attack

After the assailants had fled, someone struck Subba from behind, knocking him to the ground. After that, they began beating him with sticks and rods.

Subba added that those who attacked him were the same ones who had been calling him names and threatening him before the attack. Subba claimed he passed out in front of a grocery store. When he came to, he was shirtless and covered in blood. He also claimed to have a bag, which was later discovered to be gone.

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Online video becomes a sensation

Dinesh Subba is the subject of a viral video showing him shirtless and bleeding on the road. A police officer can be seen filming a bloodied Subba in the footage.

The pavement is covered in blood, too. Three suspects in the case have been named in a First Information Report. The investigation by law enforcement has begun, and the attackers will be captured soon.

The police are also checking the nearby surveillance cameras. However, there has been no success in making an arrest. Dinesh Subba was injured and transferred to a local hospital.

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