Gujarat Floods: Lion Casually Walks Next To Vehicles To Escape; Video Goes Viral

What would you do if a lion peered into your automobile and waved? It would be a terrifying experience that would give you the chills. Recently, a lion did the same thing in Gujarat, walking through the streets alongside moving traffic and leaving people there shaken and wary.

On a flyover of the state, locals saw the “king of the forest” out for a stroll. Despite the rain falling on the form, many online people shared the video.

The Full Story on That Infamous Video

A lion can be seen strolling along the roadside while a car and a bike go by in the footage. Even though the lion doesn’t mean any damage by walking down the busy street, the sight of it causes some people to panic.

Floods have ravaged the state due to severe rainfall, and a 13-second video has gone popular on social media. A Twitter user captioned the clip, “A Gujarat lion saved himself from flood & walking on the highway full of the public.”

One commenter said the clip was shot in the Junagadh region of Gujarat, while another said, “Vanraj went for a walk after the rain stopped.”

Lion Casually Walks Next To Vehicles To Escape
Lion Casually Walks Next To Vehicles To Escape

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Flooding in Junagadh

Saturday’s downpours in Gujarat’s Junagadh district led to significant flooding and widespread inconvenience. Two people in the Surendranagar district and one in the Rajkot district perished in the heavy rains earlier in the week. Approximately 300 people have been brought to safety thus far.

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