M3GAN Ending Explained: Does the Thriller About a Killer Doll Set Up a Second Book?

M3GAN Ending Explained: M3GAN, the newest low- to medium-budget horror film from Blumhouse, has finally made its debut, and even though we are just now getting to know our new favorite killer doll, it’s never too early to look to the future. What kind of a foundation does the story’s conclusion lay for a possible M3GAN sequel?

Fans of horror doll franchises such as Chucky or Annabelle will recognize the basic idea behind this film, albeit with a technological twist. Allison Williams plays Gemma, an inventor who is forced to take in her young niece Cady (played by Violent McGraw) after the girl’s parents are killed in a car accident.

Williams plays the role of Gemma in this film. The creation of M3GAN, a robot doll powered by a self-learning artificial intelligence that will do (ahem) anything to project Cady, is the project that Gemma is most passionate about.

It all comes to a head when M3GAN goes full psycho killer and kills several people whom she perceives to be a threat to Cady, and finally tries to kill Gemma when she attempts to shut down M3GAN and figure out which programming mistakes are allowing her to break so many of Asimov’s tried and true laws of robotics.

All of this comes to a head when M3GAN goes full psycho killer and kills several people whom she perceives to be a threat to Cady interrupts her in the middle of her murder and comes to the conclusion that her cute robot-pal may in fact be a problem after all.

M3GAN has ultimately dismantled thanks to Cady’s use of an older remote-controlled robot that she controls herself. But when that doesn’t even do the trick, Cady uses a screwdriver to stab her central processor, putting an end to M3GAN forever.

At the very least, it would appear that way at first.

M3GAN Ending Explained
M3GAN Ending Explained

What were some of the inspirations behind the new horror movie “M3GAN”? The films Child’s Play and ‘Annabelle,’ as well as… ‘The Terminator,’

This one wraps up with a cliffhanger, just like the majority of satisfying horror films do. There is not, in fact, a post-credit scene; rather, the film ends with a shot of Gemma’s smart device, which is similar to Alexa and is located in her living room, lighting up and “looking” at the camera.

M3GAN was previously capable of easily manipulating the smart home device, in addition to pretty much any other piece of technology that she desired to use along the way. Before the final collision, was it possible for her to upload a previous version of herself or a fragment of herself? It’s possible for anything to happen, but the ominous vibe I got from that last image of the smart home device was definitely unsettling.

In addition to that, there is another loose end that could potentially be the basis for a sequel: At one point in the episode, David’s (Ronny Chieng) assistant is seen copying the folder that contains all of the plans and specifications to build M3GAN.

It is likely that he intended to sell it to various other toy and technology companies in order to leverage himself into a better position (he seems pretty miserable in the moments we see him working for David, so that tracks). Even though he doesn’t make it through his final encounter with M3GAN in the elevator, it stands to reason that the information that was taken from him is still around…somewhere.

So, will there be a continuation of M3GAN? If M3GAN do as well as projected at the box office, it stands to reason that Blumhouse could find a way to get M3GAN back online for a few more kills.

Blumhouse has never been shy about ramping up a sequel to a surprise hit (it’s why we have three Annabelle movies, after all), so it stands to reason that Blumhouse could find a way to get M3GAN back online for a few more kills. If nothing else, you know that she must be itching for some revenge on Gemma and Cady, and you can be sure that she will get it.

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