Mahendra Gaikwad Age: Examining The Milestones Of His Illustrious Career!!

Mahendra Gaikwad Age: Mahendra Gaikwad’s father, Babasaheb Gaikwad, had high hopes for his son even when he was a little child. The young boy from Shirsi, a village in the Solapur district of southern Maharashtra, always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. His future as a pehelwan has always been set in stone.

While most of the world’s top wrestlers had already switched to the synthetic foam mat in pursuit of Olympic glory, he seemed content with the older methods still in use in his region of Maharashtra. Mahendra has risen to the top of his field using these strategies. This article will provide a comprehensive profile of Mahendra Gaikwad, including his age.

Mahendra Gaikwad Age

Among wrestlers, Mahendra Gaikwad stands out. The Mahendras have a three-generation-long history of wrestling that has been passed down through the family. His grandfather, father, and two uncles were all wrestlers, and he followed in their footsteps. The current age of Mahendra is 20 years.

Mahendra Gaikwad’s Early Professional Life

The World Championship wasn’t first on Mahendra’s mind. Under the watchful attention of his uncles Kakasaheb Gaikwad and Naganath Gaikwad, he began wrestling training at the Jay Hanuman talim (or akhara in North India) in his hometown.

Mahendra Gaikwad's Early Professional Life
Mahendra Gaikwad’s Early Professional Life

Mahendra competed in local tournaments, but his early results didn’t set him apart from the other competitors. His father attributes his son’s change to the time he spent at Kaka Pawar’s academy in Pune three years ago.

Even though thousands of people still show up to watch Maidan Kushti, it has been indicated that mat wrestling has its own place. His wrestling school in Pune is called the “Antarashtriya kushti sankulan” (International Wrestling Centre) to reflect this ideal.

Rise To Stardom

Mahendra was expected to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and uncle by wrestling in a circle drawn on the mitti while naked. If Babasaheb’s son was any good, he would enter him in the annual maidan (tournament) for wrestling that takes place in November for Vetal Yatra, the festival of the patron village deity of Shirsi.

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If he was exceptionally skilled, he would consider competing as a prizefighter in maidans held all throughout the state. The Maharashtra Kesari is an open-weight mitti kushti competition held all throughout the state, and Babasaheb believed his son would be well enough to compete there.

Babasaheb would have to raise his sights on his son’s potential level of renown. The 20-year-old won silver in the men’s 125-kilogram freestyle class at the World Junior Championships on Wednesday, 20 September 2023.

Have a look at the official tweet here, which states that Mahendra Babasaheb Gaikwad won his bout in FS 125 kg at the U20 World Championship.

Even Babasaheb was taken aback by the outcome. In the history of the sport in India, this is also a first. Despite losing the final 13-2 to Masoumi Valadi of Iran, Mahendra had previously defeated two formidable opponents, including Adil Misirci of Turkey, a bronze medalist at this year’s U-23 European championships. In the beginning, everyone thought he had a chance at the bronze medal. He’s the first Indian to compete at the super heavyweight level in decades.

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