Will Maid Season 2 be Available on Netflix?

Here’s everything we know about whether the drama series will return for a second chapter. Season 1 of the drama series premiered back in 2021, and it still impacts viewers.

On October 1, 2021, the “Maid” Netflix Limited Series debuted on the streaming service. When it first debuted, Maid surpassed The Queen’s Gambit’s record for most viewers, with over 67 million households turning in over its first 28 days, making it one of Netflix’s most-watched shows of the year. 

Based on Stephanie Land’s New York Times best-selling memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, the television series follows a young mother struggling to leave an abusive relationship and give her daughter a better life.

Even though Season 1 has been out for a while, fans wonder if Maid will ever have a second season.

Will Maid Season 2 Be Available on Netflix?

Given that Maid is described explicitly as a “limited series,” a Season 2 is unlikely but not entirely impossible.

Maid Season 2
Maid Season 2

Despite many areas in which the dramatization diverged from the book, it concluded the real-life narrative presented in Land’s biography. It has a happy ending since Alex relocates to Missoula, Montana, where she enrolls in her favorite university to study creative writing and begins a new life with her daughter Maddy.

In keeping with how the memoir was concluded, Maid’s creator, Molly Smith Metzler, offered a vision of optimism for the mother and daughter and a satisfying conclusion to the independent tale.

Decider inquired whether a second season may be possible, and Metzler responded, “I will say that this is such a labor of love, this show. I’m in love with all these characters, and I could write Alex for the rest of my life. You know, she’s just in my heart. But I feel like we tell her story, so I’m unsure what that would look like.”

Even still, it would probably center on a new protagonist if it were to go forward. “I think there’s a lot of maids out there; there’s a lot of domestic workers who are experiencing stories that are as bad, if not worse than, Stephanie Land’s,” Metzler added.

“I think seeing a different maid’s story in another season would be inspiring and a dream world. Someone from a different geographic with totally different life experiences and who probably is a mom.”

Don’t get too enthusiastic, as Netflix hadn’t proposed a renewal since the showrunner made these remarks in 2021 when Maid’s first season debuted.

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