Tragic Accident In Mohali, A 78 Year Old Man Crushed Under Speeding Truck, Di*d on Spot!

In Mohali A 78-year-old woman was ki!!ed, and the driver was apprehended. The tragedy occurred around 10 in the morning when the dece@sed, Ram Dayal Mehmi of New Sewraj Nagar, who was a retired railway employee, was riding a scooter to pick up his granddaughter from her school in Sector 44.

In his complaint, the victim’s son Manoj stated that as his father approached a traffic light near the Phase -1 barrier, a short tipper truck came from behind and hit the scooter. After that, he ran over the scooter, ki!!ing the person riding it.

The investigation into the de@th of a man who was 78 years old, which occurred on Saturday morning in Phase 1, was concluded when the suspect, who was driving a tipper truck at an excessive speed, was taken into custody on the same day.

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A police officer investigating the case stated that the truck driver was going too fast and fled the scene after hitting Mehami’s two-wheeler, which resulted in Mehami being ki!!ed instantly.

However, he was able to get away from the site of the crime. Following Baljinder Singh Mand, who is in charge of Phase- 6 Chowki, an official complaint was filed against following Section 304-A of the Indian Penal Code.

Gurvinder Singh, a local of Ballomajra, was found to be the one responsible for the crime. The police officer said further:

“The two-wheeler was crushed under the truck. The victim di*d on the spot.”

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Commuters at the scene sprang into action to save the victim and put pressure on the tipper’s driver to stop.

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