Massive Fire at a Chemical Plant in the Aravalli Mountains, Gujarat; Images Emerge

The Aravalli area of Gujarat had a startling tragedy when a huge fire broke out at a chemical facility. The chemical plant caught fire early on Monday morning. Images of the terrifying blaze at the chemical plant fire are being shared online. In the footage, a massive fire has broken out at the chemical plant, and a thick plume of smoke can be seen rising from the site.

Ten or so fire trucks have arrived.

According to estimates, the big fire at the chemical plant destroyed more than 60 tanks full of chemicals. Despite the efforts of about ten fire trucks that have arrived on the scene, the blaze is still not under control. No official explanation for what caused the fire has been made public as of yet.

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Attempts by firefighters to contain the blaze continue.

The fire brigade declared a major call due to the blaze at the Asal GIDC chemical business in Shamlaji, Aravalli. The images show that a major fire has broken out and a massive cloud of smoke has engulfed the area. Firefighters are making heroic efforts to contain the blaze and extinguish it in the immediate area. The chemical plant fire appears to have caused no injuries or fatalities.

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