Unveiling Allegations: Meerut Police Accused of Forcing a Young Man into Crime!!

In a shocking turn of events, Meerut Police finds itself at the center of a controversy, with allegations of manipulating a young man into criminal activity. The family members of the implicated youth claim that the police planted a firearm in Ankit Tyagi’s motorcycle, orchestrating a scheme to unjustly label him as a criminal. While the local community initially remained oblivious to these alleged tactics, a vigilant surveillance camera bore witness to the unfolding drama.

CCTV Footage Reveals Startling Accusations

On the fateful day of September 26, CCTV footage captured two policemen stationed outside Ankit Tyagi’s residence. What ensued was deeply troubling: one of the officers approached Ankit’s motorcycle, seemingly placing a pistol within it. Subsequently, the police took the young man into custody, citing his illegal possession of a firearm.

However, it was the scrutiny of vigilant family members who reviewed the CCTV footage that brought the police’s actions to light. In a bid for justice, the family promptly shared the incriminating footage with the Chief Minister’s office, the UP Police, and the Inspector General.

Vigilant Protest Outside the IG Office

Dissatisfied with the situation, the family members staged a protest outside the office of IG Nachiketa Jha, taking their grievances directly to the authorities. Determined women among them dialed the numbers of any available officers.

As the situation escalated, IG Jha ordered an investigation, which was subsequently entrusted to SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan. In turn, SSP Sajwan delegated the task to SP Dehat Kamlesh Bahadur.

The Land Dispute Connection

The incident at hand unfolds in Khandravali village, within the jurisdiction of Kharkhoda police station. It has come to light that the Tyagi family, led by Ashok Tyagi, has been embroiled in a land dispute with other local residents.

Allegations abound that the police conspired with the opposing party to ensnare Ankit Tyagi, Ashok’s son. The police’s stated reason for their involvement was a tip-off about a pistol purportedly stored in Ankit Tyagi’s motorcycle, which prompted their investigative visit.

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CCTV Evidence Raises Concerns

The investigation took a troubling turn when two policemen, identified as Dinesh and Santosh, arrived at Ankit’s residence. Initially, they loitered outside the house before one of them surreptitiously placed an item within Ankit’s motorcycle, as caught on CCTV.

After a brief interval, both officers apprehended Ankit, revealing the concealed pistol from the bike’s storage bag. This sequence of events was meticulously documented by the surveillance camera.

Meerut Police Accused of Forcing a Young Man into Crime
Meerut Police Accused of Forcing a Young Man into Crime

Allegations of Police Misconduct

Family members are adamant in their assertion that the police themselves placed the pistol in Ankit’s possession, subsequently portraying it as a “recovered” item.

SP Dehat Kamlesh Bahadur has announced an ongoing investigation into the activities of both officers, with a specific focus on scrutinizing the CCTV evidence. The outcome of this investigation remains eagerly anticipated, as it will determine the veracity of these serious allegations.

the Meerut Police finds itself under a cloud of suspicion due to the grave allegations leveled against its officers. The Tyagi family’s pursuit of justice and the vigilant eye of surveillance cameras have brought this incident to the forefront. As the investigation unfolds, the truth behind these claims will hopefully come to light, shedding clarity on this disturbing situation.

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