Dominance of Female Inspector in Darbhanga, Brutally Beats Bike Rider With Stick During Vehicle Checking, Video Goes Viral

Darbhanga, Bihar: A recent viral video has sent shockwaves throughout the Darbhanga district of Bihar. In this compelling footage, a woman inspector, unmistakably without her uniform, is captured brutally beating a young man on a motorcycle.

This shocking incident has sparked intense discussions and raised questions about law enforcement in the region. Let’s delve into the details of this viral video and the ongoing investigation.

The Protagonist: Rekha Kumari

The woman at the center of this controversy is none other than Inspector Rekha Kumari, who holds the pivotal role of in-charge at Beta OP, situated within the DMCH complex under the jurisdiction of the Laheriyasarai police station.

On the day of the incident, Inspector Rekha Kumari was engaged in routine vehicle and helmet checks on the main road outside OP, a scenario that would soon become the epicenter of this viral video.

The Viral Video Unveiled

In the viral video that has now garnered considerable attention, a young man is seen riding a bike without donning a helmet. Initially, the police officers stop him for a conversation, but the situation quickly escalates.

A Home Guard soldier, already present at the scene, takes matters into his own hands and slaps the young man. The situation takes a shocking turn when Inspector Rekha Kumari, dressed in plain clothes and without her uniform, seizes the baton from the Home Guard jawan.

She proceeds to rain down blows on the young man, who attempts to stop the onslaught but is met with relentless force. It is during this disturbing episode that an onlooker records the entire incident and shares it on social media platforms, where it quickly goes viral.

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The Response from Authorities

Upon gaining knowledge of the viral video, Darbhanga City SP Sagar Kumar pledged to initiate a thorough investigation. He affirmed that the matter would be reported to the senior police officer, and the Senior Superintendent of Police would ensure appropriate actions are taken in light of the investigation’s findings. Rest assured, the incident will not go without a proper inquiry and necessary actions taken as deemed fit.

This shocking video has ignited debates across Darbhanga and beyond, shining a spotlight on the actions of law enforcement officers. As the investigation unfolds, it remains a stark reminder of the power of social media to bring such incidents to the forefront of public discourse.

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