Who Is Mika Singh Wife? Separating Fact From Fiction!

When famous musician Mika Singh chose his purported ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri to be his bride-to-be on the reality show Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti, the entire entertainment world went into a frenzy. Akanksha Puri was the contestant who won the show.

While some questioned the show’s veracity, many indicated that it was scripted because Akanksha entered as a wild card entry and ultimately won. Akanksha Puri and Mika Singh grabbed all the attention after getting married on the show. We shall explain everything there is to know about whether Akansha Puri is Mika Singh’s wife or not in this article.

Who Is Mika Singh’s Wife?

The rumors concerning Mika Singh and Akansha Puri’s marriage have reached new heights. Even after the conclusion of the show Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti, it remained unclear as to whether or not Mika Singh was married to Akanksha Puri.

In a recent conversation, Akanksha Puri discussed her present romantic situation with well-known singer Mika Singh and explained why the two of them have no plans to wed in the future.

Who Is Mika Singh's Wife

When asked about her relationship status with Mika Singh, a well-known musician, Akanksha Puri revealed the truth. The glitzy actress made it known if Mika and her are now dating, engaged, or just starting their relationship.

Have a look at the tweet below, which confirms that Mika Singh chose Akanksha Puri as his wife on the show Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti.

But Akanksha disproved all the rumors and any potential future romance with the Punjabi artist by outing the truth about their alleged dating. The actress made it quite evident that she and Mika had already mentioned their long-standing friendship in the episode of Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti.

She uttered that both of them have made a point of mentioning their lengthy friendship on the program. They are not a couple, just buddies. On the reality series Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti, Akanksha Puri was questioned about her marriage with Mika Singh.

The actress acknowledged that it was all for the reality program, and their ten-year friendship was a significant factor in why they felt comfortable framing one another. The actress acknowledged that they share many of the same attributes in their ideal relationships, but despite this, they choose to remain friends rather than date.

They opted for each other because they had been friends for almost ten years when it came time to choose a partner for the swayamvar. They have never declared their love for one another or shown any signs of passion.

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They have been very explicit about the fact that they were searching for a life partner, ideally someone who had been a friend. However, since the show, nothing has changed, and their friendship has remained the same.

Despite the fact that everyone witnessed Akanksha Puri writing romantic notes in the descriptions of her social media photos with Mika Singh, the actress hints that it was all for the show Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti.

According to rumors, Akanksha Puri will next be seen in a web series on the professional front. Keep checking Digi Hind News for the most recent information, fascinating content, and more.

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