Who is Harmeet Desai Wife? Life From The Long-Distance Relationship to Marriage!!

Harmeet Desai is a professional table tennis player from India. He was born on July 19, 1993. As of August 2021, he was ranked 71st in the world. He comes from Surat.

In 2018, during the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, he won a gold medal in the men’s team event with his teammates Sharath Kamal, Anthony Amalraj, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, and Sanil Shetty.

He also earned a bronze medal in the men’s doubles event with Sanil Shetty. In 2019, at the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships in Cuttack, India, he won the men’s singles title by defeating his tough competitor, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran.

Harmeet Desai received the Arjuna Award from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, in 2019 as a recognition of his achievements.

Who is Harmeet Desai’s Wife?

Harmeet Desai, the renowned Indian table tennis player, tied the knot with Krittwika Sinha Roy in December of the previous year. He shared his happiness with his fans on Instagram as well:


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He also acknowledged the fact that he and his wife have been together for approximately 10 years now as it has been his dream to grow old with his love Krittwika only.

Since then, their lives have been a whirlwind of activity, filled with travel and tournaments. Also, Harmeet shared his happiness while he was in the United States, reflecting on the journey they’ve embarked on as a newly married couple.

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Harmeet Desai Wife: Krittwika Sinha Roy Occupation

Krittwika Sinha Roy is a skilled Indian Table Tennis player who competes for the Indian National Team. She achieved victory in the team event at the Senior National Championships in 2018 and came in second place in the women’s singles category during the same competition.

Besides her passion for table tennis, she’s also an animal lover. Interestingly, her sports hero is none other than the legendary Roger Federer.

A Sporting Strong Relationship Despite Setbacks

In the past month, Harmeet and Krittwika participated in the Senior National Table Tennis Championships in India. Though Harmeet didn’t clinch a singles medal in the championship, he maintains a strong sporting spirit.

He recognizes that victories and losses are inherent in every athlete’s career and believes in learning from his mistakes. His determination to improve as a player remains unwavering, as he sets his sights on winning more medals for India.

Their strong bond is often reflected in Harmeet’s post as he keeps posting photos of them as a couple very often:


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Harmeet Desai looks forward to the year 2022 with optimism. He started the year on a high note by winning a national-level tournament. His aspirations now are to secure a spot in the Indian team for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games later in the year.

His ultimate goal is to contribute to India’s success by bringing home medals from these prestigious events:


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After his ongoing trip to the US, he plans to return to Germany for training and has important tournaments lined up in Europe for June. This means he won’t be able to return to India for at least a couple of months.

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Love and Marriage- Life as a Couple

When asked about the impact of marriage on his life, Harmeet candidly shares that not much has changed in terms of their daily routine. Both he and Krittwika have been engrossed in their training and tournament schedules, which have kept them on the move, taking them to various countries like France, the US, and Germany.

However, one significant change is that Krittwika accompanies Harmeet on most of his tours. The best part, according to Harmeet, is that he’s no longer in a long-distance relationship. He cherishes the opportunity to spend quality time with Krittwika, and they even practice together, strengthening their bond on and off the table.

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Harmeet’s dedication to his sport, and his aspiration to represent India at major events all reflect his unwavering determination to excel in the world of table tennis. As the couple continues to traverse the globe, their love story unfolds, proving that love and ambition can coexist harmoniously on the international sporting stage.

In conclusion, Harmeet Desai and Krittwika Sinha Roy’s journey as a married couple is intertwined with their shared passion for table tennis. Despite the challenges and setbacks, they remain committed to their individual and collective goals.

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