Mumbai Airport Customs Seize 3KG Gold From 2 Sharjah-Traveling Indians

On Thursday, customs officials at Mumbai International Airport found 1.79 kg of 24-karat gold dust on an Indian citizen returning from Sharjah. The Gold was found concealed in a specifically made belt inside the inner clothes and plastered on the bottom of the feet of the traveler. Pictures of the customs officers looking for the gold have been published online.

On the same day, customs officials at Mumbai International Airport seized 1.386 kilograms of 24-karat crude gold bars. Gold was confiscated from an Indian national en route from Sharjah to Mumbai; the metal was cleverly concealed in a pasta maker and a mixer grinder. Images of customs officers taking gold out of the machine have been published online.

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There appears to be no connection between the two incidents, and at this time we know nothing about the passengers or their flights. The matter is currently being investigated further.

The plot is still unfolding. More information is needed.

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