Armaan Malik’s Heartwarming Proposal Video: A Musical Love Story!!

Singer Armaan Malik recently shared a heartwarming video of his proposal to his girlfriend of six years, Aashna Shroff. The video, titled “Kasam Se – The Proposal,” captures the beautiful moment when Armaan serenaded Aashna with a special song and sealed their love with a kiss. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their touching proposal story and the reactions it has garnered.

Armaan and Aashna: A Love Story

Armaan Malik and Aashna Shroff had been in a relationship for six years before taking the big step. Earlier this week, they shared dreamy pictures from their proposal, making their relationship official. Now, they’ve delighted fans by sharing a candid video that offers a glimpse into this special moment in their lives.

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Kasam Se- The Proposal Music Video

Armaan Malik posted the full video of his romantic song, “Kasam Se- The Proposal,” on YouTube:

In the video, Armaan expresses his deep love for Aashna and promises to always be by her side, no matter the challenges they may face. It’s a heartfelt musical love letter to his better half.

The video opens with an excited Armaan sharing his anticipation, mentioning that Aashna had no idea about the surprise. It turns out the proposal had been planned two months prior. Armaan is seen in a white suit, while Aashna, a fashion blogger, dons a stunning embellished white dress adorned with red and pink flowers.

Armaan’s love-filled journey unfolds as he leads Aashna to the proposal venue. Aashna is initially shocked and asks, “What are you doing?” Armaan, undeterred, serenades her with a guitar and an original track, “Kasam Se.” The heartfelt moment culminates with Armaan getting down on one knee and proposing, to which Aashna responds by also kneeling and sharing a tender kiss.

Armaan Malik proposal video

The video continues to capture moments from their proposal photoshoot, where the couple shares hugs, and kisses and showcases Aashna’s exquisite diamond ring. Their families and friends join in to celebrate their joyous occasion. The video concludes with throwback clips of the couple’s journey over the years.

Reactions to the Proposal Video

Fans and followers flooded the comments section of Armaan and Aashna’s Instagram posts with heartwarming messages:


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Many expressed their desire for a similar romantic gesture in their lives. Some fans even mentioned how Armaan’s serenade was what they had been waiting for.

In addition to the proposal video, Armaan also released a song titled “Kasam Se,” which he described as his musical love letter to Aashna. The song gives viewers a peek into their dreamy proposal and the love they share.

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Armaan Malik’s proposal to Aashna Shroff, as captured in the “Kasam Se – The Proposal” video, has touched the hearts of fans worldwide. It’s a testament to the power of love and music, and it marks the beginning of a beautiful journey together for this beloved couple.

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