Muzaffarnagar School Video: Teacher Tripta Tyagi Says ‘i Am Physically-challenged’, Claims Video Was Doctored; Father Seek Justice

In a recent turn of events at Neha Public School in Muzaffarnagar, Tripta Tyagi’s teacher finds herself embroiled in a serious controversy. Allegations suggest that she instructed students to discipline one of their classmates as punishment physically. This incident sent shockwaves through social media, sparking outrage and demands for justice.

Tripta Tyagi’s Defense

Tripta Tyagi, the accused teacher, has not remained silent amid the accusations. She vehemently denied the allegations in her statement, claiming that the viral video had been manipulated to tarnish her reputation. According to her, she made a grave error by instructing other students to discipline the child, citing her physical handicap as the reason for not taking action herself.

Questioning the Authenticity of the Video

Addressing the video in question, Tyagi firmly asserted that it had been edited and manipulated. She expressed that her intentions were never to harm the child but rather to address a concerning issue. Tyagi asserted, “I am handicapped and physically unable to get up. The child had not been completing his homework for the past two months. To motivate him, I asked a few students to encourage him to focus on his studies.”

Add aMuzaffarnagar School Video Teacher Tripta Tyagi Says 'i Am Physically-challenged', Claims Video Was Doctored; Father Seek Justice heading
Add aMuzaffarnagar School Video Teacher Tripta Tyagi Says ‘i Am Physically-challenged’, Claims Video Was Doctored; Father Seek Justice heading

A Father’s Cry for Justice

The child’s father, who suffered the alleged punishment, has come forward, demanding justice for his son. He revealed that the video was captured by his nephew, who had visited the school for an unrelated matter. Distraught and angry, the father emphasized that this incident should not be reduced to a Hindu-Muslim matter but should be pursued within the bounds of the law. He stated, “My son is only seven years old. This incident occurred on August 24th, during which my child was subjected to repeated acts of violence. We want justice to prevail.”

Details of the Incident

The video that has gone viral captures the teacher lamenting the lack of attention paid by minority students’ mothers to their children’s education. She then instructs other students to take matters into their own hands and discipline the child. In the footage, students can be seen hitting and slapping the child on his face and back. Shockingly, the teacher herself records the incident.

Calls for Accountability

The video spread like wildfire on social media and attracted political attention. Opposition parties, notably the Samajwadi Party, have criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the incident. They argue that it exemplifies a broader issue of hate being propagated against the minority community in the country.

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Akhilesh Yadav, the chief of the Samajwadi Party, shared the video and held the BJP responsible for the teacher’s actions. He called for the video to be presented at the G20 Summit, challenging the BJP to justify its stance on hate-spreading agendas in the country.

The controversy surrounding Tripta Tyagi, the teacher from Muzaffarnagar, serves as a grim reminder of the responsibilities entrusted to educators. While Tyagi claims innocence, the video evidence and the outcry for justice continue to cast a long shadow over this incident. The nation watches closely as investigations proceed, hoping for a just resolution to this troubling episode.

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