UP Minister Takes Toyota Fortuner Onto Train Platform While Late!!

In an unexpected turn of events, Uttar Pradesh Animal Husbandry Minister Dharampal Singh Saini made headlines as he drove his luxurious VVIP Toyota Fortuner car onto the platform of the Lucknow Railway Station. This incident occurred when the minister ran late for his scheduled train to Bareilly. The sight of a VVIP SUV on a railway platform naturally caused quite a stir among the onlookers.

Race Against Time

The urgency of catching his train led Minister Saini to take this unconventional step, bypassing traditional parking procedures. As the clock was ticking, he brought his Fortuner car directly onto the platform rather than parking it in the designated area. This unusual move resulted in chaos and surprise at the Lucknow Railway Station.

UP Minister Takes Toyota Fortuner Onto Train Platform While Late
UP Minister Takes Toyota Fortuner Onto Train Platform While Late

Viral Video Sparks Outrage

Unsurprisingly, a video capturing this incident quickly went viral on various social media platforms. The public reacted swiftly and critically, with many expressing displeasure at the minister’s actions. Social media was abuzz with comments condemning the VVIP treatment and the disregard for railway regulations.

Escalator Entry

After driving his Fortuner onto the platform, Minister Dharampal Singh Saini made an unconventional yet memorable entrance by taking the escalator down from his car. His destination: platform number 4, where he intended to catch the Howrah Amritsar Express train. This departure from the ordinary added to the intrigue of the situation.

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An Explanation from GRP Officers

GRP officers at the scene shed light on the incident, explaining that Minister Saini was genuinely pressed for time, prompting the decision to bring his car onto the platform. To facilitate this, his vehicle was directed to the disabled ramp in front of the railway court. The minister was swiftly escorted to the platform via the escalator.

Minister in the Spotlight

This isn’t the first time Animal Husbandry Minister Dharampal Singh has been in the spotlight. Previously, he garnered attention for his outspoken remarks regarding the issue of stray bulls in the state. His comments about the average lifespan of a bull and the government’s efforts to address the issue sparked controversy and heated debates. The minister’s candid statements didn’t sit well with the opposition or the public.

Congress’ Critique

Adding fuel to the fire, the Congress party shared a video of another incident involving Minister Dharampal Singh. In this video, the minister faced resistance from distressed farmers in his constituency.

The farmers confronted him about the issue of stray cattle and demanded action. Congress framed the incident as a reflection of the minister’s inability to address the concerns of his constituents. Minister Dharampal Singh Saini’s unusual drive onto the Lucknow Railway Station platform has ignited a social media storm.

His actions, driven by a race against time, have drawn criticism and attention to his controversial tenure as the Animal Husbandry Minister of Uttar Pradesh. This incident, captured on video, is a vivid example of the challenges public officials face in the age of instant media scrutiny.

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