Neville Roy Singham? US Billionaire Who Sold NewsClick Chinese Propaganda In India!!!

The New York Times looked into this issue and found an international web of news portals and websites that spread the Chinese message worldwide. According to the article, Neville Roy Singham is responsible for the Chinese propaganda toolkit’s funding and sponsorship.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Singh Thakur claimed at a press conference on Monday (August 7) that Neville Roy Singham had funded the news website News Click to disseminate Chinese propaganda in India. “Such news portals spread fake news in the name of fair news,” stated Union Minister Anurag Thakur.

The minister added that a probe into NewsClick had been initiated in India previously, but the government was afterward accused of limiting press freedom.

Just who is Neville Roy Singham, anyway?

The New York Times said Neville Roy Singham is a longstanding activist and the founder of the Chicago-based software firm Thoughtworks and that his father was a communist academic.

According to The New York Times article, Neville Roy Singham advocated for an “egalitarian corporate culture while working at the consultancy business.” During his stay at the company, he shared his thoughts on the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara with an employee later quoted in the article.

According to NYT, Singham is married to Jodie Evans, a former political strategist for the Democrats and a co-founder of the organization Code Pink.

Neville Roy Singham US Billionaire Who Sold NewsClick Chinese Propaganda In India
Neville Roy Singham US Billionaire Who Sold NewsClick Chinese Propaganda In India

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Why does he stand accused?

  • The global dissemination of China’s propaganda tools has helped the country’s image abroad.
  • Two, the allegations that the Chinese government is behind the funding of the Indian news website NewsClick.
  • Third, he supported websites in India and elsewhere that propagated Chinese propaganda.

This plot involves several moving parts.

“These narratives that are put out by platforms like NewsClick and other platforms that are operating in concert are echoed almost blandly in a similar fashion by this political leader, Rahul Gandhi, who goes abroad and says the same things-democracy is under danger, the judiciary is compromised, and EVMs are compromised,” said Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

This is the precise story that these services promote… This plot involves several moving parts. Vested interests from abroad threatened by India’s rise are funding and fanning this network of operators.

Anurag Thakur, a minister in the Union government, has claimed, “Congress, China, and NewsClick are all connected like an umbilical cord. In Rahul Gandhi’s “Nakli Mohabbat Ki Dukaan, Chinese imports are fully displayed.” His enthusiasm for China is palpable. They had an anti-Indian bias in their policies.

In 2021, we revealed to NewsClick the extent to which India is the target of international misinformation. Congress and other opposition parties backed them up in this anti-India campaign.

The minister said Chinese firms financed NewsClick through mogul Neville Roy Singham, but “some people from India came in their support when action was taken against them.”

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