Patiala Flyover Tragedy: Wrong-Way Rider Meets Fatal End as Bus Collision Sends Shockwaves Across Community

A man was tragically killed as he was run over by a bus on a flyover in Patiala, Punjab. The man was seen on CCTV coming under the bus as he rode his bike on the wrong side of the flyover.

This tragedy befell a brand-new Patiala bus stop.

On Monday, the surveillance tape was widely distributed online. A man on a bicycle was pictured traveling the opposite way on a deserted flyover. As the cyclist approached the bend of the flyover, the bus slammed into him.

Shocking video showed the man being carried under the vehicle for a short distance. The accident, which occurred on the flyover close to the bus station, is a sobering illustration of why road safety is so crucial.

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The victim has not been named, and authorities are still gathering information.

A 58-year-old bicyclist was killed earlier this month when he was hit by a Haryana Roadways bus. Ram Pravesh Sharma, a resident of Bhimgarh Kheri in Sector 104, was shot and killed while making his way to work in Sector 37. Tragically, he ran into the bus and everyone on board was killed. Sharma was thrown from his motorcycle and sustained serious head injuries when he collided with the bus.

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