Punjab’s Kapurthala Teacher Hits Student, Throws Him on Car Bonnet, Parades Him 10 Km—viral Video Reveals Chilling Details

On Thursday, a private tutor attacked a student over an old grudge in the Sultanpur Lodhi neighborhood of Kapurthala, Punjab. Harmanpreet Singh, a college student preparing for the IELTS, has been named as the victim. After being struck by a teacher named Baljinder Singh’s fast car, he was subjected to cruel treatment.

Additional information on the incident

On October 26th, while Harmanpreet was standing by the side of the road near the state village of Sahlapur Bet, the tragic tragedy occurred. A speeding motorist reportedly hit him and threw him onto the hood and roof of the vehicle.

The vehicle driver didn’t pull over after the accident but instead kept going with the man dangling from the front bumper. They say that Baljinder pulled the student for around ten kilometers, torturing him the whole way.

The Admitting Victim

Singh, who was injured, was sent to a public hospital for treatment. The event, according to the local media, occurred because of a long-standing grudge between the two parties involved. The educator was also rumored to have a criminal past and was the subject of multiple pending legal proceedings. It was unclear, however, why he had not been taken into custody.

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Then the police show up

The police have begun investigating, and the CCTV tape is being reviewed for clues. The student’s close associates allegedly retaliated by shattering the glass of the accused’s automobile, and the accused was subsequently admitted.

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