Pictures of Stone Throwing at the Mahaviri Yatra in Motihari, Bihar!!

On the festival of Nag Panchami on Monday (August 21), violence broke out between two groups in Bihar’s Motihari district during the Mahaviri Yatra. Reports indicate that stones were thrown during the Yatra, leading to violent conflicts afterward.

Watch this tweeted video

The incident was caught on camera and quickly became a social media sensation

When police arrived, they made an effort to restore order. To ensure the safe passage of the Mahaviri Yatra, SDPO Nand Prasad announced an increase in deployment and delivered a message to the crowd.

Force and the Magistrate are always close by. Peace has been restored. We have our eyes on it. Peaceful participation in the Mahaviri Yatra is encouraged by the officer.

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Some young people can be seen on camera throwing stones from the upper floors of the building at the Yatra assembly below, despite repeated warnings from those on the ground that they shouldn’t.

(Details to follow)

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