Pit Bull Attack in Noida Sector 53: Pet Dog Assaults Stray, Owner Struggles to Intervene – Video Emerges

Unsettling footage from Noida’s Sector 53 shows a pet pit bull attacking a stray dog. The aggressive behavior of the breed dog prompted fears for the safety of strays and the public. The owner of the vicious dog was powerless to stop the attack and rescue the stray dog from the pet’s vicious jaws. According to reports, the attack severely injured the stray dog.

A pit bull’s attack is caught on camera

Residents in the area were understandably alarmed to observe the unrestrained and unmuzzled pet continuously using its lips to assault the stray dog. The animal was observed viciously attacking the neck of the stray dog.

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The owner does not restrain his/her pet from being violent

Narender Sharma, the pet’s owner, was present at the scene but did nothing to stop the horrific attack. watch this video

Sharma used the chain to try to scare the pit bull away, but the dog continued to hunt without being deterred. The owner made no additional attempts to free the stray dog from his pit bull’s jaws.

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