PM Modi Discusses Khadi Promotion with Chanel CEO Ms. Leena Nair!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Engages in Fruitful Conversation with Chanel CEO on Khadi Promotion on 14 July 2023.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Leena Nair, the Global CEO of renowned fashion brand Chanel, in Paris on Friday. The meeting aimed to explore opportunities to expand the reach of khadi, an iconic Indian fabric, in global markets while fostering skill development among artisans.

During the meeting, PM Modi expressed his delight at meeting a person of Indian origin who has achieved significant recognition on the world stage. He commended Ms. Nair for her success and acknowledged her contributions to the fashion industry.

The Prime Minister and Ms. Nair engaged in a productive conversation about various strategies to enhance skill development among artisans and increase the popularity of Khadi.

PM Modi meeting with Chanel CEO

Khadi holds immense cultural and historical significance in India, representing traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices. PM Modi invited Chanel to explore investment opportunities and potential collaborations in India.

By partnering with Chanel, the Indian government aims to leverage the brand’s global influence and expertise in the fashion industry to promote Indian handicrafts and khadi on an international scale.

The discussions centered around the importance of promoting handicrafts, particularly khadi and ensuring the skill development and welfare of Indian artisans. Khadi plays a crucial role in empowering local communities and preserving traditional crafts.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to provide artisans with the necessary training and support to enhance their skills and livelihoods. The meeting highlighted the government’s commitment to reviving and popularizing khadi, which aligns with its vision of promoting sustainable and indigenous industries.

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PM Modi’s efforts to push for khadi’s global recognition reflect his dedication to showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage and supporting the skilled artisans who contribute to the country’s growth:

Chanel’s collaboration with the Indian government in promoting khadi and investing in the country’s artisan sector has the potential to create employment opportunities and bolster the local economy.

This partnership can also foster cross-cultural exchange, encouraging the fusion of traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary fashion trends.

The meeting between PM Modi and Leena Nair demonstrated the government’s proactive approach to engaging with global fashion leaders to realize the vision of transforming India into a hub of skilled artisans and promoting the country’s indigenous industries.

It symbolized the commitment to preserving and celebrating India’s cultural heritage while embracing sustainable practices in the fashion and textile sector:

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