Anarchy spread due to Radha Swami devotee-police clash in Dayalbagh of Agra!!

In a shocking turn of events, an altercation erupted as a group of fervent devotees clashed with a law enforcement team in Agra’s Dayalbagh area. The team, comprised of police and administrative personnel, found themselves in a hostile standoff with the devotees brandishing sticks and rods.

Escalation Amidst Onlookers’ Panic

The situation escalated swiftly, sending shockwaves through the onlookers who scrambled to ensure their own safety. In response to the unruly behavior exhibited by the devotees, the police had to resort to lathi-charge as a means to disperse the crowd, ultimately quelling the disorderly conduct.

Traffic Chaos Ensues

Subsequently, the police temporarily blocked the road leading to Dayalbagh, diverting commuters to alternate routes. This action led to substantial traffic congestion, particularly in the Bhagwan Talkies area, disrupting the daily routines of many.

Media Person Assaulted

Disturbing videos circulated on social media, depicting a media person bleeding profusely, allegedly beaten by the irate devotees.

Decoding the Devotee-Police Standoff

To grasp the full scope of the ongoing standoff between the Radha Swami Satsang Sabha devotees and the local police administration, it is crucial to delve into the events leading up to this tense situation.

Anarchy Spread Due to Radha Swami Devotee-police Clash in Dayalbagh of Agra
Anarchy Spread Due to Radha Swami Devotee-police Clash in Dayalbagh of Agra

Encroachments Removed

The tensions have been simmering since Saturday when authorities took decisive action to remove encroachments that the devotees had illegally erected.

During the daytime, the administration executed its duty, only to find the devotees once again blocking a road leading to the DIA Engineering College by placing gates and padlocks. Notably, a significant number of devotees were present during this incident.

Unruly Reactions

After the authorities vacated the scene, the devotees wasted no time in re-blocking the road. As villagers and a student attempted to pass through the barricaded road, they became the target of the devotees’ anger. Sharp iron wires were deployed in Khaspur, replacing the gates that had been removed.

As the evening descended, a substantial number of devotees converged at the disturbance sites, armed with sticks and helmets. Shockingly, there was no police or administrative representation present to maintain law and order, further exacerbating the chaos.

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Accusations of Collusion

Local residents have leveled serious allegations against the New Agra police station, claiming collusion with the devotees. They assert that the New Agra police have turned a blind eye to the devotees’ actions, despite the filing of a case. To make matters worse, no devotee has been arrested in response to administrative actions, even as some devotees resorted to indecent and violent behavior.

In conclusion, the clash between devotees and the police in Agra’s Dayalbagh has exposed a disconcerting lack of law and order, leaving residents and onlookers deeply concerned about the future peace and harmony in the area.

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