Why Priyanka Chopra Parts Ways with Her New York Restaurant “Sona”??

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the well-known actor, and producer, has decided to end her association with Sona, the Indian cuisine restaurant she co-founded in New York City in 2021. This decision marks a significant change in her career path.

Priyanka’s Exit from Sona Confirmed

A spokesperson representing Priyanka Chopra Jonas confirmed to People magazine that she has officially stepped away from her partnership with Sona. The restaurant was a venture close to her heart, and its creation was a proud moment for her career.

The spokesperson shared that bringing Sona to life was an achievement that held pride and significance in Priyanka’s career. Priyanka has always aimed to showcase Indian culture through various mediums, including film, TV, and even the culinary arts. Her intention was to highlight the richness of Indian cuisine through beautifully crafted dishes.

Although Priyanka Chopra Jonas has disassociated herself from Sona, she will not lose her interest in the world of hospitality and food. Her passion for these areas will continue, and she plans to expand her endeavors on a global scale:

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Broadening Ambitions on a Global Scale

Stepping away from Sona offers Priyanka the opportunity to pursue her ambitions more broadly on an international level. She is excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead in this regard:

Maneesh K Goyal, the co-founder of Sona and a close friend and former business partner of Chopra Jonas, expressed gratitude for their partnership and her support. Working with her was like a dream come true. Although she won’t be involved as a creative partner moving forward, she will remain part of the Sona family.

Sona: A Golden Beginning

Named after the Hindi word for “gold,” Sona was a restaurant that held special significance to Priyanka and even received its name from a suggestion by her husband, Nick Jonas. The restaurant’s doors opened during the challenging times of COVID-19 restrictions.

Priyanka Chopra leaves Her New York Restaurant

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As Priyanka Chopra Jonas parts ways with Sona, a new chapter in her journey begins. While her involvement with the restaurant may have come to an end, her passion for promoting Indian culture and her interest in hospitality and food continue to shape her career path.

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