The Mysterious Disappearance and Tragic End of Professor Keshav Pandey!!

In a startling turn of events, the lifeless body of Dr. Keshav Pandey, a prominent figure in the Hindi Department at KA College in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, has been discovered after he went missing on the fateful night of August 19. The discovery occurred in the most chilling place – an unidentified well, late into the night on Tuesday.

The grim identification of the professor’s body took place the following Wednesday. To ascertain the cause of this tragedy, diligent police officers summoned a forensic team for an immediate investigation, backed by thorough medical examination and videography during the postmortem. Despite these efforts, the circumstances surrounding his death remain in mystery, as no complaints from relatives have been lodged with the authorities.

The Puzzling Departure: Professor Keshav Pandey’s Vanishing Act

Professor Keshav Pandey’s sudden departure from his residence on August 19 sent shockwaves through his family and the community. He had been residing in a rented house on Street Number 5 in Chitragupt Colony, where he lived with his wife, Mamta Pandey, and son, Praveen Pandey.

They quickly mobilized efforts to raise awareness about his disappearance by leveraging social media platforms and promptly reporting the incident to the police, who subsequently registered him as missing.

A Family’s Heart-Wrenching Discovery

On Wednesday, the police contacted the troubled family, revealing the discovery of a body. Only when family members arrived at the scene was the deceased identified as Professor Keshav Pandey. The news of the professor’s untimely demise spread quickly, drawing the attention of the college’s principal and fellow professors, who promptly arrived at the site.

The necessary postmortem procedures were carried out under the supervision of a panel of medical experts. Following this, Professor Pandey’s family transported his remains to their village in Banaras.

The Mysterious Disappearance and Tragic End of Professor Keshav Pandey
The Mysterious Disappearance and Tragic End of Professor Keshav Pandey

A Lonely Life in Academia

Originally hailing from Kaithi in the Banaras district, Professor Keshav Pandey had relocated to Kasganj, leaving his family behind. He had served the college since 2003. His wife, Mamta Pandey, has made serious allegations against the college administration, asserting that they had failed to disburse his salary for July, which had been a source of considerable distress for him.

Furthermore, the professor had accused three college employees of harassment, confiding in police officers about his ordeal. However, no formal complaint or written statement was submitted to the Kotwali police regarding these allegations. Mrs. Pandey mentioned that she had accompanied her husband to the college on August 19, where they met with the college administration to discuss the salary issue.

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A Troubled Soul Battling Demons

Dr. AK Rustagi, the College Principal, disclosed that Professor Keshav Pandey had been grappling with a drug addiction problem, significantly affecting his professional life. His recurrent intoxication had not gone unnoticed, with students often lodging complaints. Medical examinations had been conducted, leading to specific directives from the institution.

In an interesting twist, it was revealed that the cessation of his salary for July resulted from his unannounced absences from work, with no prior application or leave request submitted. When Professor Pandey and his wife visited the college on August 19, they were apprised of the necessary formalities to reinstate his salary, which reportedly put both husband and wife at ease.

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