Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann narrowly escapes fatal accident during his visit to Jalandhar

While touring flood-ravaged districts in Jalandhar on Friday, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s boat got into a tense scenario. Sant Balveer Singh Seechewal, a member of the Rajya Sabha, came along with him. Overcrowding made the boat unstable as it sailed into the powerful currents, putting everyone’s life in jeopardy. Thankfully, Sant Seechewal quickly regained command to prevent further damage. The footage of the incident has been made public.
Journalist Amit Singh posted a video of the boat traveling with an excessive number of passengers on Twitter. It will soon begin to topple to the sides and rock back and forth like a see-saw. The boat’s engine is leaking black smoke out of the back. Thankfully, the ship righted itself and nobody was wounded.

Punjab Cm Bhagwant Mann Narrowly Escapes Fatal Accident During His Visit to Jalandhar
Punjab Cm Bhagwant Mann Narrowly Escapes Fatal Accident During His Visit to Jalandhar

Emergency Rescue Prevents Capsize of Boat

According to reports, the motorboat’s capacity was exceeded, causing it to spew black smoke and experience engine problems as it continued its voyage. The boat avoided capsizing by staying afloat, thank goodness.

Meanwhile, the administrative authorities stood back and watched the terrifying events unfold. The leader and officials on board were relieved when the motorboat’s driver successfully navigated to the other side.

Carelessness and Liability

Shortly after the catastrophe, it became apparent that the boat had been carrying more people than it had been designed to hold. The heavy load brought on the boat’s technical problems. Administrative officials routinely check the motorboat’s capacity and enforce passenger limitations before such inspections. The number of passengers aboard the boat appears to have been poorly controlled in this particular incident.

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