After 43 FIRs, Delhi Police arrested Lawrence Vishnoi opponent Kailash Manju.

In a significant breakthrough, Kailash Manju, a former sarpanch turned gangster, has been apprehended by the Special Cell Counter Intelligence Unit. The arrest occurred in the Kailash area of South Delhi, where Kailash was found to possess a pistol and 8 rounds of cartridges. It is noteworthy that Kailash Manju had previously served as a sarpanch in a village in Jodhpur.

Since 2008, Kailash Manju has been actively involved in criminal activities and has greatly influenced his area. This influence led him to win the sarpanch election, establishing the dominance of the Manju family over the entire region.

Delhi Police Arrested Lawrence Vishnoi Opponent Kailash Manju
Delhi Police Arrested Lawrence Vishnoi Opponent Kailash Manju

Criminal History and Enmity

Kailash Manju, 42 years old, faces 43 criminal cases, and the Rajasthan Police had previously declared him a Raj Pasha, similar to the National Security Act (NSA), leading to his evasion of the law.

During his time as a fugitive, Kailash met gangster Loresh Vishnoi in a Rajasthan jail, and they collaborated in illegal extortion activities through their respective gangs. However, their relationship turned into a bitter enmity when Loresh sought to extort influential individuals from Kailash’s village, resulting in repeated clashes and confrontations.

Association with Anandpal’s Gang

Kailash Manju is also associated with the notorious gang led by Anandpal, a prominent criminal figure in Rajasthan. Police sources reveal that Kailash and his brother Anandpal are connected to Vicky Pal, another brother of Anandpal, who operates the gang from inside the prison. Kailash’s crew comprises approximately 100 sharpshooters spread across various states. NIA (National Investigation Agency) has been actively tracking Kailash Manju’s activities, conducting raids on his hideouts. It is worth noting that Kailash Manju also took refuge in Nepal while on the run.

Conclusion: The arrest of Kailash Manju, the sarpanch-turned-gangster, is a significant milestone in Rajasthan’s criminal underworld. His involvement in numerous criminal cases, association with prominent gangsters like Anandpal, and the extensive network of sharpshooters in his gang have posed significant challenges for law enforcement agencies. The relentless efforts of the Special Cell and NIA have ended Kailash Manju’s criminal escapades, ensuring that justice is served and the region can experience a sense of relief and security.

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