Punjab Man Who Dragged Daughter’s Body Behind Bike: Lesson For School Girls!!

The Nihang Sikh father accused of murdering his 16-year-old daughter on Thursday was taken into custody by the Amritsar Police on Friday.

In the Amritsar area of Punjab, in the village of Muchhal, the accused is said to have tied his daughter to his motorcycle and dragged her through the streets.

The alleged motive for the crime was the daughter’s absence from the house for one day, during which she spent time with a boy and her subsequent return with him. The father’s aggressive reaction to this sight appears to have contributed to the fatal outcome.

Nihang Singh, the suspect, told the media on Friday, “I killed my daughter because she stayed outside with somebody.” I murdered her because of my ego, and maybe this will serve as an example to the young ladies in grades six and seven.

The CCTV footage shows the guy riding away with his daughter’s body dragged behind his bike. Social media users have reacted with shock and disgust to the video of the man abusing his daughter, which has gone viral.

Take a look at the clip here:

According to reports, the accused had locked his family inside their home and threatened them, generating such dread that they didn’t try to flee.

Punjab Man Who Dragged Daughter's Body Behind Bike Lesson For School Girls
Punjab Man Who Dragged Daughter’s Body Behind Bike Lesson For School Girls

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The accused allegedly beat his daughter to death before using sharp objects, as detailed in the official police report. According to reports, the deceased victim was the third child of the accused and had finished up to the 12th grade before dropping out.

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