Rahul Ramesh Death: Body Of Missing Bengaluru Trekker Retrieved!!

Rahul Ramesh vanished on September 28 in Manali as he was en route to compete in the Hell’s Race, a 100-kilometer race in the surrounding wilderness. The following morning, his phone was found, but his whereabouts remained a mystery. A search for him was also the subject of a campaign.

Rahul Ramesh spent five years working for Flipkart after earning his MBA from IIFT. He was currently working for Ace Turtle, a retail company. He visited Manali recently, and after some hours, no one knew where he was. Now that Rahul Ramesh’s body has been discovered and he has passed away, word has spread. This article will cover every aspect of Rahul Ramesh’s death.

Rahul Ramesh’s Death

On a somber note, the manhunt in the Himachal Pradesh highlands for Bengaluru engineer Rahul Ramesh has come to an end. Himachal Pradesh police discovered Rahul Ramesh’s body in a gorge that was 400 meters deep.

Along with personnel of the National Disaster Response Force and volunteers from the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, local police began the search. In order to recover his body, the teams are currently descending the gorge.

Himachal Pradesh Police posted an official tweet, which can be seen below:

The body of a mountaineer, who had been missing in Himachal Pradesh since September 28, was discovered close to Jogini Falls in Manali, according to a PTI report. On Wednesday, police released this information.

The rescue squad found the body on Tuesday, according to authorities. Rahul Ramesh, 35, of Bengaluru, appeared to have died after falling off a cliff, according to Manali Deputy Superintendent of Police K. D. Sharma. He said his body had been discovered 400 meters below the top.

Rahul Ramesh's Death
Rahul Ramesh’s Death

The body was extracted by a team made up of members of the National Disaster Response Force, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, the police, and local mountaineers. They claimed that because one had to descend a sharp 90-degree ledge, finding the body was quite challenging.

The police had found Ramesh’s cell phone in the jungle close to Jogini waterfall on September 29. Ramesh appeared to have lost his way while returning from Bhrigu Lake and was searching for a shortcut to reach Manali based on the pictures and messages found on the phone.

Police have not, however, ruled out the likelihood that Ramesh fell from the cliff because the bear was pursuing him. Where Ramesh’s phone was found, a bear had also been spotted before.

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In conclusion, Manali has a reputation for being the site of several tourist and traveler disappearances since they frequently get lost in the nearby mountains. These people are sought through a number of campaigns, all of which have varied degrees of success.

The book “Lost in the Valley of Death,” which described the disappearance of Canadian traveler Alexander Shetler there, was about one of the numerous foreign tourists who also went missing in Manali. But now that Rahul Ramesh’s body has been discovered, his grieving family can finally find some solace. Visit our page at Digi Hind News to learn more.

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