The Mathura Train Accident: A Careless Mistake That Cost the Railways Dearly!!

In a shocking incident that unfolded late on Tuesday night, a CCTV camera inside the engine of a train in Mathura captured a series of events that would send ripples through the railway community. What should have been a routine procedure turned into a nightmare as the train broke through the platform, climbed upwards, and triggered panic among passengers. In this article, we delve into the details of this unfortunate event that highlights the importance of vigilance and responsibility in the railway industry.

The Chain of Events Unfolds

The Train’s Unplanned Journey

The incident began when the locomotive pilot left his seat momentarily, intending to hand over the keys to the engine cabin to the support staff. It was during this brief moment that chaos ensued.

The Unseen Baggage

As the locomotive pilot exited the engine, an employee from the lighting staff entered the cabin while engaged in a video call. Nonchalantly, he placed a bag on the throttle of the engine while still engrossed in his conversation.

The Unfortunate Trigger

Tragedy struck as soon as the bag found its place on the throttle. The train lurched forward unexpectedly, breaking through platform number 2 and ascending nearly 30 meters before coming to a halt after colliding with an electric pole. Pandemonium reigned as passengers on the platform rushed to safety. It was a stark reminder of the power of the throttle, which acts as an accelerator in the engine.

A Careless Culprit

To make matters worse, subsequent investigations revealed that Sachin, the lighting staff member responsible for placing the bag, was found to be mildly intoxicated during a breath analyzer test. His blood sample was sent for further analysis to determine the extent of his inebriation.

The Mathura Train Accident
The Mathura Train Accident

Accountability and Suspensions

In the wake of the incident, railway authorities took swift action based on a 28-page investigation report. Five railway employees, including the locomotive pilot, were suspended pending further inquiries. The suspended individuals were identified as Loco Pilot Govind Hari Sharma, Helper Electrician Sachin, and Technicians Kuljeet, Brijesh, and Harwan Kumar.

The Impact on Railway Operations

The incident occurred on the route of Northern Railway’s EMU train, which runs daily from Delhi Shakur Basti station to Mathura. The preliminary report submitted to railway officials indicated that the train numbered 04446, had reached Mathura station at 10:49 p.m.

The Moment of Distraction

The investigation report shed light on the crucial moments leading up to the accident. According to CCTV footage, Sachin, the lighting staff member, was continuously glued to his mobile phone upon the train’s arrival. It was during a video call that he entered the engine cabin and carelessly placed his bag in front of the cabin, inadvertently triggering the catastrophic chain of events.

The Mathura Train Accident
The Mathura Train Accident

Accusations and Conflicting Accounts

The investigation also brought to the forefront conflicting accounts from the locomotive pilot and Sachin. Govind Hari Sharma, the loco pilot, claimed that he had safely brought the train from Palwal to Mathura and handed over the vehicle’s key to Sachin. However, he was taken aback when the train unexpectedly started moving.

In Sachin’s account, he alleged that the train initiated its journey without his intervention, and he had to hastily intervene by switching off BIBS and applying the emergency brake. He accused the loco pilot of disembarking without properly securing the train.

The Mathura Train Accident
The Mathura Train Accident

A Stroke of Luck

The incident occurred as EMU train number 64910 was being shunted from platform number 2 to platform number 5 at Mathura Junction. Fortunately, there was a lack of crowds on the platform at that time. If the train had not come to a stop after colliding with the pole, the consequences could have been catastrophic.

Estimating the Losses

The railway is anticipated to suffer losses exceeding Rs 1 crore as a result of the accident. The platform incurred significant damage, with approximately 50 meters of it being affected. Overhead wires and poles were also damaged in the collision. However, the true extent of damage to the EMU train’s engine remains undisclosed by railway officials.

Restoration Efforts

Following the accident, a technical team from the Agra division of the North Central Railway was dispatched to Mathura. A painstaking process that spanned nearly 15 hours was undertaken to remove the train from the platform and restore it to the tracks.

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The Investigative Committee

An investigative committee comprising Senior DEE OP Yogesh Kumar, Senior DSO Raghunath Singh, Senior DEE Vivek Gupta, and Senior DEE Praveen Kumar was established to scrutinize the entire incident. They have since completed their inquiry and submitted their report.

In conclusion, the Mathura train accident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of vigilance and responsibility in the railway industry. A momentary lapse of judgment and negligence can lead to catastrophic consequences. As the railway authorities continue to investigate this incident, it underscores the need for stringent safety measures and heightened awareness among railway personnel to prevent such accidents in the future.

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