Rajinikanth First Wife: Meet The The Woman Who Stood By Him In His Early Career!!

Rajinikanth, the Superstar of Indian cinema, is renowned for his distinct flair and intense action scenes. Rajinikanth never fails to thrill the audience with his macho persona on-screen, whether he’s dispatching a million baddies with a single hand, executing several flips in midair, or being saved from a brain tumor by a bullet. The followers of the actor are unaware of many facets of his life, though.

Undoubtedly, having troubles as a superstar comes with the territory. Celebrities are susceptible to rumors and “link-up” stories, and their names frequently become associated with other celebrities whom they have collaborated with on screen. And it’s only natural to make headlines for suspected link-ups when you’re a Superstar like Rajinikanth. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Rajini’s love life’s lesser-known facts.

Who Was Rajinikanth’s First Wife?

Rajinikanth is married to Latha Rangachari, whom he adores, and together, they have two lovely daughters, Soundarya and Aishwarya Rajinikanth. When Latha, a college student, randomly ran upon the renowned actor Rajinikanth, a spark was lit. Latha, an English literature student at Chennai’s Ethiraj College, just so happened to be given the task of interviewing Rajinikanth for the school magazine. The actor and Latha hit it up right away, and in 1981, they were officially declared husband and wife.

Few people are aware that Rajinikanth, being a macho, did not let Latha have any input over their marriage. Latha said the same in a rare interview: “He did not propose to me; he informed me that he was marrying me and left.”

Here is an official tweet by The Art of Living in which Rajinikanth can be seen with his wife.

Latha is Rajinikanth’s devoted wife, and she never skips an opportunity to praise her husband. Latha once acknowledged that her life is difficult when asked how she feels about being the wife of a demi-god.

In addition to overseeing a charitable school in Chennai, Latha devotes her time to advancing her husband’s companies. Y Gee Mahendran, a seasoned dramatist and Latha’s brother-in-law, once spoke candidly about Latha’s influence on Rajini, stating: “Latha was a sprightly dynamite before she got married, but became an embodiment of calm and maturity after she became Mrs Rajinikanth. She had a great influence in taming Rajini, the ‘wild horse.'”

Although Latha’s involvement in her husband’s career is frequently kept a secret, sources in the industry claimed that she was instrumental in developing the Rajini brand. Rajini had never lent his name to be connected with products or campaigns, unlike other celebrities, and it was his wife Latha who persuaded him to do so. To promote Brand Rajini, she unveiled a plethora of merchandise, including t-shirts, caps, and other collectibles.

Who Were The Two Unidentified Women That Rajinikanth Adores?

Rajinikanth has always been a dark-skinned hunk who dominated many women’s hearts. He is adored and praised for having a humble and grounded nature. Rajini, however, was once simply a regular person who worked odd jobs to make ends meet. Being a romantic at heart, the Thalaivaa developed feelings for two women whose names are still unknown.

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Dr. Gayathri Srikanth, the author of Rajinikanth’s biography The Name Is Rajinikanth, once revealed some details about Rajinikanth’s early love life in an interview with Behindwoods. She disclosed that Rajini had a crush on a Bangalore woman while he was a bus conductor and wanted to marry her. When discussing the same, she said:

“There were at least two women. One of them was when he was a bus conductor in Bangalore. He liked this woman very much. I have not named her, which was our ladies’ agreement- and was hopeful of marrying her. But it flitted away with time, the way infatuations do.”

The second time, he did, however, receive a girl’s marriage proposal. He really liked the lady when he visited her at her home. She, however, disapproved of him due to his dark skin. According to sources, this encounter strengthened Rajini’s resolve to marry a girl with a light complexion. Indeed, it is exactly what he did in 1981 when he married the stunning Latha.

Rajinikanth’s love life has undoubtedly been filled with heartbreaks and rumors of extramarital romances. He did, however, discover in his wife Latha the ideal mate and the two have been getting along better ever since. Visit our page at Digi Hind News to learn more about similar news.

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