Has Rohit Sharma Net Worth Increased Over the Years?

Throughout the world, Rohit Sharma is seen as a symbol of Indian cricket. Sharma, affectionately known as the “Hitman” by his supporters, is more than simply a cricket player; he is a representation of power-hitting and perfect play.

However, Sharma’s journey goes beyond the cricket field. His success in other fields is reflected in his net worth, which is more than just a reflection of his cricket talent. In addition to being a master at cricket, he has profited from his popularity by securing rich commercial deals. We shall examine Rohit Sharma’s net worth in more detail in this article. Scroll down to learn more in-depth!!

What Is Rohit Sharma’s Net Worth?

Rohit Sharma’s net worth is INR 214 crores, or $25 million, according to StockGro, a Bengaluru-based company. Beyond endorsements, Sharma has a diverse financial portfolio. His investments demonstrate his business savvy. 2015 saw his investment in ‘Rapidobotics,’ a provider of robotic automation systems. He entered the healthcare industry in 2021 by funding “Vieroots Wellness Solutions.”

Here is the official tweet by StockGro, which talks about the net worth of Rohit Sharma.

His overall net worth, which has increased significantly over the years thanks to these endeavors and other investments, is a result of these activities.

He receives $2 million a year, or around Rs 16 crores, via his affiliation with the Mumbai Indians. In contrast, Sharma is paid a salary of Rs. 7 crore per year under his BCCI contract, which positions him in the A+ grade category. His match earnings are about Rs 15 lakh ($20,000) for a Test match, Rs 6 lakh ($10,000) for an ODI, and Rs 3 lakh ($4,000) for a T20 International (T20I).

What Is Rohit Sharma's Net Worth
What Is Rohit Sharma’s Net Worth

Assets Owned By Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma’s preference for luxury is clear from his real estate purchases. He is the owner of a pricey, stylish home in Mumbai that is worth Rs. 30 crore. A BMW M5, a Mercedes SUV, and a Lamborghini Urus are among the automobiles in his collection. His portfolio of assets also includes homes like a villa in Hyderabad and a vacation home in Lonavala.

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Sharma’s rise to financial success is the result of extraordinary accomplishments, clever investments, and the capacity to cash in on his notoriety. He has proven that his talent extends beyond the confines of the cricket pitch by successfully managing a wide range of investments in addition to leading the Indian cricket team to triumph.

In conclusion, Rohit possesses the innate capacity to translate sporting accomplishment into financial success. The Hitman’s net worth is anticipated to rise even further as he continues to flourish in cricket and other fields. Visit Digi Hind News to find out more such information.

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