Breaking the Silence: Salil Kulkarni Addresses Second Wife Gossip After Divorce!!

Salil Kulkarni, a well-known Marathi music composer, performer, and director, is currently making headlines. He just received a National Award for the film Ekda Kay Jala. The whole film industry was grateful to him.

He has previously reviewed live performances, motion pictures, television series, and reality shows through a variety of platforms. His popularity was further enhanced by the show “Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi” starring Sandeep Khare. Despite his widespread fame, he recently discussed his divorce from his first wife and the rumours surrounding his second marriage. Scroll down to learn more in detail!

Salil Kulkarni Talks About His Divorce And His Second Wife!

Salil Kulkarni most recently made an appearance on journalist Soumitra Pote’s podcast, “Mitra Says.” This time, Salil talked about a variety of subjects. He talked extensively about children’s feelings as well as how it felt to get the national prize. Salil also discussed his divorce in this interview. To focus on raising his two children and getting a divorce from his wife in 2013, he decided to be honest about his experiences and the backlash he received.

Here is a small glimpse of Salil Kulkarni’s interview with Journalist Soumitra Pote.


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Salil discussed this by saying,  “When I got separated, there was a lot of talk about me. Why don’t people have enough sense to understand that their two children are going to be raised by a single father? I’m not complaining about it at all, but I’ve seen everyone gossiping about it in those days, from big singers to senior citizens. Many have even asked me to my face if I am married to such and such a girl?”

Salil Kulkarni Talks About His Divorce And His Second Wife!
Salil Kulkarni Talks About His Divorce And His Second Wife!

He went on, “This attitude is very bad, it is like stealing an expensive watch from the hands of a person who has fallen on the road due to an accident. If you are not going to help a man in such trouble, at least let him fight his battle. People enjoy this kind of gossip. Why do the work of throwing stones from afar? Sandeep Khare had made a public post about me saying please don’t bother him, he is doing it with love for his children, and if he gets married he will let you know. Sometimes I would hear this gossip when I went to the hotel.”

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In this interview, he further clarified that numerous celebrities, in addition to regular people, questioned Salil personally over his second marriage. He denied all the rumours concerning his second wife. Salil, according to him, had his mother’s full support throughout that period. In this interview, he stated that Salil’s life underwent a lot of changes following this occurrence in 2013.

Finally, it has been established that Salil Kulkarni did not have a second wife following the dissolution of his first marriage. All of the rumours of his second marriage were unfounded conjecture. For more details on the private lives of different celebrities, please check Digi Hind News.

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