Sensational Incident in Chitrakoot, UP: Student Rescued After Terrifying Abduction!!

In a shocking incident that sent shockwaves through Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, two unidentified miscreants forcibly abducted a student who was on her way to coaching. This harrowing event unfolded near the Mandakini bridge, approximately one and a half kilometers away from the coaching center.

The audacious criminals dragged the terrified student onto their bike, subjected her to a brutal assault, and callously threw her near the riverbank. Fortunately, luck was on her side as she narrowly escaped falling into the river, a twist of fate that saved her life. Overwhelmed by fear, the student lost consciousness, prompting swift action from local residents who alerted the police. The injured student was rushed to the district hospital, and as of now, the authorities are working tirelessly to identify the culprits using available CCTV footage.

Abduction on a Fateful Evening

The victim, an intermediate student hailing from the Sadar Kotwali area, had set out on her Scooty to attend classes at Bhardwaj Computer Coaching on a typical Saturday evening. Reviewing the CCTV footage from the computer center, it is evident that the student paused to quench her thirst from a water jar located on the verandah outside a room at approximately 7:15 PM. Little did she know that this innocent act would mark the beginning of a nightmarish ordeal.

Sensational Incident in Chitrakoot, UP
Sensational Incident in Chitrakoot, UP

A Terrifying Journey

As the clock neared 7:15 PM, two unknown individuals with their faces concealed by masks arrived on a motorcycle. They approached the student, forcibly dragged her, and coerced her onto their bike. Without mercy, they embarked on a journey towards Banda Marg, mercilessly assaulting her along the way. Ultimately, their heinous act culminated in them discarding the student near a cow shed situated on the banks of the Mandakini bridge.

A Narrow Escape from Tragedy

It is worth noting that the location of the incident posed an additional threat as there was a path leading to the river nearby. However, due to the dense vegetation and bushes, the student miraculously avoided falling into the water. Instead, she found herself trapped on the stairway, unconscious and severely traumatized. Passersby who witnessed this horrifying scene were also left in a state of shock and disbelief.

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Swift Response and Investigation

Numerous eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the assailants had their faces concealed during the abduction and fled towards Bedipulia on their motorcycle. Some courageous individuals promptly alerted the police, while others rushed to the student’s aid, transporting her to a private hospital for immediate medical attention.

Law enforcement, including CO City Harsh Pandey and Kotwal Ajit Pandey, promptly arrived at the location. The police are currently questioning Vinay Bhardwaj, the operator of the coaching center, and individuals present in the vicinity during the incident.

Unrelenting Search for Justice

In the face of such a heinous crime, SP Vrinda Shukla visited the district hospital to see the injured girl and take her statement. However, due to the student’s overwhelming panic and distress, obtaining comprehensive information proved challenging.

Authorities are diligently reviewing CCTV footage from the surrounding areas in their relentless pursuit of the culprits. Given the critical condition of the injured student, she has been referred to Lucknow PGI from the district hospital, highlighting the severity of her injuries.

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