Shocking Escape: Three Accused Flee Police Custody in Jhansi!!

In a startling turn of events, three individuals facing an appearance at the Railway Court in Jhansi managed to escape from police custody. The entire incident unfolded before our eyes, thanks to CCTV cameras strategically placed in the vicinity.

The video recording of this daring escape is now making waves on social media, exposing the lapses in law enforcement.

Accused on the Loose

The captured footage reveals a harrowing scene: the three accused breaking free from the confines of a police van stationed just outside the court premises. Seizing a moment of vulnerability, the accused promptly unlatched the van door, making a daring getaway.

The Great Escape on Camera

The viral video depicts the trio bolting from the police van and sprinting down the road. Their frantic dash, as captured on CCTV, has left the public astounded. Reports suggest that at the time of the escape, there were a total of seven accused individuals inside the van. Regrettably, three of them managed to evade police custody.

A Brazen Daylight Incident

This audacious incident transpired in broad daylight, around 1.40 PM, on a Tuesday, precisely on September 19th. At that moment, eleven police officers were tasked with escorting the seven prisoners to their court appearance at the Railway Court in Jhansi.

These accused individuals faced charges related to the theft of mobile phones at a local railway station. The fugitives in question have been identified as Brijendra (27), Shailendra (20), and Gyanprasad (23). Their incarcerations were tied to allegations of stealing mobile phones and other valuables from railway stations.

Three Accused Flee Police Custody in Jhansi
Three Accused Flee Police Custody in Jhansi

Manhunt in Progress

As of now, the escaped prisoners remain at large, with no arrests made. The police department has vowed to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of the fugitives. A case has been officially registered in connection with this breach of custody.

In a significant response to this lapse, eight police officers, including three sub-inspectors, have been suspended, and an investigation into their negligence during a government operation has been initiated.

Intensifying the Search

To expedite the search for the escaped individuals, a committee has been established to conduct a thorough investigation. Two dedicated teams have been assembled to track down the fugitives who are currently on the run. These teams are meticulously reviewing the CCTV footage from the surrounding area and potential escape routes.

Search operations have extended to Madhya Pradesh, and even the relatives of the accused are being questioned. Law enforcement authorities have expressed confidence in swiftly returning the fugitives to custody.

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Public Outcry Against Uttar Pradesh Police

The video of this audacious escape has gone viral on social media platforms, sparking widespread criticism of the Uttar Pradesh Police for their perceived negligence, which enabled the accused to flee. In the video, the fugitives can be seen sprinting through the streets after their daring exit from the police van. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made strong statements, assuring the public that anyone involved in crimes against women will face stern consequences. This incident has reignited discussions on law enforcement and public safety.

In conclusion, the dramatic escape of three accused individuals from police custody in Jhansi has sent shockwaves throughout the region. The authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to bring the fugitives to justice, as public scrutiny intensifies. Stay tuned for further developments in this gripping story.

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