Take A Sneak Glance At The BIG CHANGES Coming To Your iPhone With iOS 17’s New Apps And Wallpapers

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 will start on June 5, and the company is likely to announce iOS 17 at the event. According to the latest news, iOS 17, which will be the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system, is likely to make big changes to Apple’s apps and wallpapers, among other things.

A tip from @analyst941 says that Apple is about to add a new grid view to Wallpapers. By swiping up in a single view, people will be able to quickly remove wallpapers, change the order of wallpapers, share wallpapers, or make copies of wallpapers.

“This is the new grid view for images in iOS 17; it shows 9+ images at once.• Quickly delete wallpapers from the grid view. • Move wallpapers around in the grid view.• Swipe up in single-view to share or copy backgrounds,” the tweet said. While a study from Tom’s Guide says that Wallet will change the most.

Here is a tweet related to this topic: 

The story said, “In this mockup, Apple is said to be introducing a whole new layout with a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen that will make it easy for iPhone owners to switch between Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, and Orders.” Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said earlier that the iOS 17 can give your iPhones “nice” new features. Here are some more things that iOS 17 can do.

iOS 17 Expected Features

1. Changes to the Control Center: A story by MacRumors says that Apple may be planning to change the Control Center. The story said, “The Control Center could get a new look and be more customizable, letting users choose what’s shown and where controls are placed for a more streamlined interface that fits their needs.”

2. Adding to the functions of Dynamic Island: Dynamic Island was first seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models in 2022. When the iPhone 15 range comes out this year, all models are expected to have Dynamic Island. MacRumors said, “Apple is said to be trying to make Dynamic Island more useful by adding more features to it. Siri, for instance, could move to Dynamic Island. The Siri button could be shown in Dynamic Island instead of at the bottom of the screen when Siri is turned on. This would make Siri less annoying.

3. Active Widgets: According to MacRumors, “Apple is testing an active widget experience for the iPhone’s Home Screen and Today View, but this doesn’t look like a feature that will be included in iOS 17.”

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