With The iOS 17 Update, Apple Will Make Big Changes To The iPhone Wallet And Health Apps

iPhone owners are very excited about Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 upgrade because it is anticipated to be one of the biggest improvements in recent memory. Although iOS 17 was initially dismissed as not bringing about any significant changes, it is now anticipated to bring about a number of updates to the handset’s essential features.

The anticipation and expectations are building as the announcement date draws near. Apple researchers and leakers have been releasing their mockups, giving hints as to what iOS 17 might include. The Wallet and Health apps may get a revamp, according to a leak from @analyst941, and the leaker has even released drawings showing the anticipated design changes.

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The navigation bar for the Wallet app will be at the bottom of the screen and will classify several tasks, including Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, and Orders, according to leaked photographs of the app prototype. Users can swipe down to get a search interface and access the “Passes & More” menu to find particular cards or passes. There is also a “Transactions” button in the mockup. Future updates to the software may include the addition of new functionality, according to the leaker.

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The Wallet app’s suggested revamp would provide consumers with functional upgrades over the present version. For instance, it would make it simple for users to locate particular features, such as passes and order information.

The “Favorites” part of the Health app’s “Summary” page will reportedly be revamped with a card-style interface, displaying colored graphs, tables, and other pertinent information. This is according to @analyst941.

The Wallet app will undoubtedly see modifications, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who also stated that it will be given a makeover. We will have to wait until the official announcement during the WWDC keynote on June 5 to find out whether all of these changes will actually be included in iOS 17.

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