iOS 17 On May 17 Will Bring Long-Awaited Features: All the Details

As the world gets ready for Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC23), people are starting to talk about the company’s future software. Apple hasn’t said much about what it has planned, but recent rumors suggest that iOS 17 and updates to iPadOS and macOS will be a big part of the event. It’s hard to say for sure what changes and additions will make it into the final form.

Even though there haven’t been any big leaks yet, a story from Setsuna Digital on Weibo suggests that iOS 17 might have some improvements. In iOS 17, the toggle for the flashlight will let you control the brightness more precisely, and the Lock Screen will have more ways to customize it, like bigger word sizes and emoji wallpaper.

Here is a tweet related to this topic: 

Reports say that users will also be able to share their own Lock Screen settings. Also, Apple Music might change, going from words to pictures and adding lyrics to the Lock Screen. One of the most interesting changes that has been talked about is the ability to organize and customize the App Library. This would give users more control over how they access their apps.

If you’re interested in learning more, the following information might be of use to you:

Another possible upgrade is a redesigned Control Center, which would let users easily change shortcuts and other features. No one knows yet if iOS 17 will have the sideloading feature that some users have been waiting for. But the EU is putting pressure on Apple to add this feature in Europe, so it’s possible that this will happen.

Overall, the rumored changes to iOS 17 might not be new, but they might give users some much-needed improvements to the way they live. At WWDC on June 5, Apple is likely to show off iOS 17. After the keynote, developers will be able to use the test. A beta for the general public is expected in July.

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