The Forbidden Marriage Season 2: Release Date, Plot And What To Expect

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2: Here We Are Talking About The Forbidden Season 2. Anyone interested in Korean drama should definitely check out The Forbidden Marriage. History-based K-dramas will always be in demand, and 2022 was a year full of excellent examples of the genre.

The Forbidden Marriage is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most-watched dramas on television right now. The Forbidden Marriage is a historical romance and comedy-drama series written by Cheon Ji Hye and is a continuation of his historical romance novels.

Its first season is still airing, but viewers are already looking forward to more from the show. This article has thus covered the subject of when the second season of the Korean drama The Forbidden Marriage will be available to watch online.

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2: Release Date

If you’re a fan of this popular drama, you’re probably counting down the days until season 2 of The Forbidden Marriage drops. The second season of The Forbidden Marriage has not yet been given a premiere date. Details about Season 2 are currently unavailable because the first Season is still airing. The new season will premiere in 2024, either toward the end of winter or the beginning of spring.

Season 2 of The Forbidden Marriage: Plot

In this drama, we meet King Lee Heon, a former Crown Prince of Joseon who is still haunted by the death of his wife seven years ago. Due to the fact that the king did not marry anyone else following the death of the crown princess, the royal family of Joseon enacted a law prohibiting marriage until the king married again.

The king soon discovered that Ye So Rang was nothing more than a con artist who had tried to marry off her services by claiming that the ghost of the crown princess had possessed her. She has already told countless lies, and more will surely follow. When So Rang caught the eye of the King, things quickly became more difficult for her.

Lee Yeon’s feelings for So Rang don’t go away immediately, but the plot moves forward anyway. The story isn’t over yet. Therefore, if Season 2 is going to be released, there will be a lot of unexpected turns in the story. Fans will unquestionably be very curious about the storyline.

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The Forbidden Marriage Season 2: Cast

We are unable to make any announcements at this time about season 2’s cast. If the first season’s drama is any indication, then we can expect to see most of the cast back for season two.

  • Ye So Rang (Park Ju-Hyun) Kim Young-Dae (Lee Heon)
  • Lee Shin-Won, played by Kim Woo-Seok
  • Performing the role of An Ja-Yeon, Crown Princess is Kim Min Joo.
  • Hae Young (Jung Bo Min)

Where To Watch The Forbidden Marriage Season 2?

Anybody who hasn’t seen this series yet probably wants to know where they can start. This drama is available for free viewing on both Viki and Prime Video. Should a second season be produced, we have no doubt that it would be made available via the same streaming platform as the first.

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