Truck Smugglers Throw Ganja Bags at Police Car in ‘filmy’ Style—watch Video

Smugglers on the Andhra Pradesh–Odisha border shockingly dropped bags of ganja on the road to try to slow down the police as they chased them. A video of the chase has gone viral after being recorded at the scene. The footage shows a police car chasing a gang of narcotics traffickers at night, with one of them tossing bags of ganja down the road in an attempt to escape.

The incident happened overnight on the border between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha

NewsMeter says it happened on the Andhra Pradesh–Odisha border at night. After receiving information that ganja was being smuggled in a Bolero car, the cops intervened. After obtaining information about the massive quantity of ganja being carried aboard the vehicle, Chitrakonda Police began pursuing the smugglers’ vehicle.

In Rekapalli village, the ganja was placed onto the Bolero

The Bolero car, stuffed with a massive quantity of ganja, was on its way to Odisha for illegal export. Rekapalli hamlet, on the border between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, is where the ganja was put onto the Bolero. A police patrol received the report and immediately began searching for the vehicle; however, the suspects managed to elude capture. Chitrakonda Police officers in a police car began giving chase to the fleeing traffickers.

Huge ganja bags were thrown out by smugglers in the middle of the road

But when the police closed in, the smugglers threw enormous ganja bags into the center of the road as a makeshift roadblock. They hurled numerous bags onto the highways, but the cops avoided them all and continued their pursuit. The police were finally able to stop the vehicle after a lengthy pursuit.

Truck Smugglers Throw Ganja Bags at Police Car in ‘filmy’ Style
Truck Smugglers Throw Ganja Bags at Police Car in ‘Filmy’ Style

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Smugglers left the Bolero car and ran away

The Bolero truck carrying the ganja was abandoned and the smugglers fled. Two vehicles and around 980 kilograms of ganja were seized by the police. The discovered ganja was worth approximately Rs one crore, according to police estimates. The police have begun their pursuit of the smugglers who abandoned the truck and ran from the scene.

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