University Campus Turmoil: ABVP Student Attacked in Lucknow

In a shocking incident that unfolded at Lucknow University, a clash between students left an ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) member severely injured. The altercation occurred in the Kishori Canteen, a hotspot known for its share of controversies and external student gatherings. Here’s a detailed account of the incident:

The Confrontation

Akshay Pradhan, a third-year BA student and an ABVP affiliate, was peacefully enjoying his lunch with a female friend in the Kishori Canteen. However, the tranquility was short-lived when Priyanshu Mishra, a first-year MA Economics student, abruptly entered the scene. What started as a mere conversation between the two students soon escalated into a violent brawl.

The Attack

The situation took a grim turn as Priyanshu Mishra physically assaulted Akshay Pradhan with a heavy object, leaving him gravely injured. The injured student’s comrades acted swiftly, rushing him to Balrampur Hospital for immediate medical attention. The news of the assault on a fellow ABVP member quickly spread, enraging the student community.

Student Outcry

Fueled by anger and solidarity, a crowd of students assembled at the university’s proctorial office, chanting slogans demanding justice for Akshay Pradhan. To quell the escalating tension, the Proctorial Board decided to detain the accused student within the Proctor’s office.

A Chaotic Turn

As emotions ran high and students grew increasingly agitated, the police intervened, attempting to transfer the accused student to the police station. However, in a surprising twist of events, student activists managed to pull the accused from the police vehicle, subjecting him to further physical harm. Fortunately, authorities intervened, rescuing the accused from the crowd.

University Campus Turmoil ABVP Student Attacked in Lucknow
University Campus Turmoil ABVP Student Attacked in Lucknow

Demands for Action

The injured student’s supporters demanded strict action against the assailant, including suspension from the campus. The Proctorial Board assured the students of a thorough investigation and appropriate measures. A formal complaint was filed with the police on behalf of the injured student, leading to the registration of a case against the accused under assault charges.

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Ongoing Investigations

The incident has cast a spotlight on the Kishori Canteen, which has a history of attracting external students and controversies. The university administration is now contemplating stricter measures to regulate the presence of outsiders on campus. The precise trigger for the confrontation is under investigation.

The unfortunate clash at Lucknow University serves as a stark reminder of the need to maintain campus security and discipline. As investigations continue, the fate of the accused student remains uncertain, and the university community awaits justice for Akshay Pradhan.

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